What is mumps?

What is mumps?

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Both cheeks appear quite swollen.Fever can reach 39-40 degrees.Headache, ear pain, pain can be heard when swallowing or opening the mouth.Especially sour things such as orange juice can cause pain to eat or drink. Rarely, memengitis, orchitis (inflammation of the testes) can cause severe symptoms such as pancreatitis.

Some children can pass the disease without any symptoms. The disease may also be mild in the vaccinated children. The incubation period of the disease may be 16-18 days.


Mumps vaccine is given as MMR (measles rubella mumps) vaccine. The first dose is 12-15 months and the second dose is 4-6 years. It is not effective after the onset of infection, but it can be effective in protecting the child if it has not yet become infected with a germ. Despite the vaccine, mumps can be seen, but its severity is usually less. If your children are over 4 years old and have not had their second vaccination, it is a good idea to have them as soon as possible.

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