Positive discipline method for children

Positive discipline method for children

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I'm sure the word discipline doesn't make most of us smile. Because discipline is always perceived as a bad thing. But discipline is not necessarily a situation to be won by bans. You can also discipline your child with positive behavior and tell him that there are some limits in life without damaging his personality and self-esteem. How Does?

What can you do?

First of all, show your child that you understand and accept his reason,

I know you love this toy and you want to play with it, but…
I know you want to stay here with me, but…

This shows your child that you understand him and that you do not leave him alone, remember that it is more important for him to feel next to you. In addition, a distant and authoritarian attitude only takes you away from your child and does not help you to discipline him.

Explain if you do not allow your child.

I know you love this toy and you want to play with it, but right now your brother is playing with it.
I know you want to stay here with me, but I have to go to work.

The explanations you give your child show that other people need them, which gives the child the opportunity to see other people's perspectives.

Offer solutions to your child.

I know you love this toy and you want to play with it, but right now your brother is playing with it. You can play with that toy or you can help me.

Or you can show the time and give your child a certain amount of time to wait.

Sometimes it is a good way to give your child the message you need to sample the right behavior after the behavior it should not do.

Puzzle pieces are not to throw, let's find the location of these pieces together.

Every time you say no, give him two suggestions.

No, this book is for adults, but you can use this book or that book.

This way, you draw your child's attention from your book and direct it to two different books. So your child tries to make a choice by focusing his attention on the other two books.

Avoid Doing These…

Avoid any negative behavior that can be used to discipline children and never do the following,

● Do not criticize your child negatively
● stay away from behaviors that may undermine her self-esteem (mock, compare…)
● never use physical violence
● do not try to lock her into her room or isolate her in any way

And remember that once you start practicing, you will continue to practice, so never use these methods to discipline your child, because all of these methods will diminish the value he gives to you instead of discipline him, causing you to lose respect for you.

Important Points to Remember…

● make your child feel confident and self-esteem
● Always show him that you care about his feelings and thoughts
● encourage him to become a shareholder
● give your child new responsibilities as he or she grows up
● teach him to evaluate himself rather than blame others first


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