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The irregular love life of the twins will bring them happiness this year. Moving through your career life will affect your home and family situation. 'Hidden problems' will be solved…

The last few years have been difficult, but things have become easier for you step by step. While the excitement of dramatic changes was felt, many of you felt uncomfortable. Many of you - especially those who were born in the early days of the sign, have already begun to experience dramatic changes. For those born in the later days of the sign, the change will take place this year or in the next few years. Jobs and careers were the main areas of interest in 2005 and will continue this year. Love, which has been irregular for many years, will bring great happiness later in the year. This year, you will further develop and refine your communication skills, which are always important to you. Now, let's look at the developments that await you next year in detail:

There are hidden problems at home
Home and family matters will not be your main interest this year. You are probably satisfied with your location and your current position. This year, it seems more important to career. On the other hand, the fact that your career will be exuberant will affect your home and family situation indirectly. You can be transferred to another city, even country! This may cause you to change places even if you are satisfied with your current situation. This year, there are also hidden problems in the house so that you can fix them. If you are thinking of making great innovations in your home, the best time between July 21st and September 8th.

Love and social life
Your love life and your attitude towards love are changing. New love ideals are emerging. Many of you have been divorced or widowed recently. Many of you have seen the death of your friends or friendships. But every death brings resurrection. The deeper mysteries of life are revealed, especially in the land of love. Things are changing this year. Love and marriage, especially timely from November 24 to the beginning of 2007. The reflection will be in the form of a marriage or a serious relationship for singles (or those who try to step in for their first marriage). In the meantime, you (and your future lover) will be preparing. Accurate timing is close. All Gemini, married or not, will have an evolving social life. Your social appeal will also increase and you will be able to love others more easily. You will also become popular and make new, more highly qualified friends. Of course you don't have to wait until November 24th for fun and romantic opportunities. Your social life looks happy and active from 19 February to 20 March, 21 June to 22 July. Towards September, you will see that your friendships are tested.

Finance and career
This year money is not one of the biggest issues for you. Professional status and career satisfaction seem more important. Success is waiting for you, but you will not make this success much of an issue. Your financial situation is probably the way you want it to be and you won't go over it. It can be a great year for job seekers. You will learn how to become a more efficient employee, which will increase your earnings. Job seekers can make use of their social connections. The most important thing right now is that you love and love your work. There are also exciting developments for those who are already in a career. Business trips to foreign countries, as well as shifting to new and exciting industries or businesses. Your communication skills and your natural talent for media will play a big role in this. You will be ready to change and dive into the deeper waters of life. Others may be afraid of them, but you trust yourself and you know that something will always come before you. If you do not turn to change, the 'universe' will push you towards it. isfrom.

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