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Starting Kindergarten

Starting Kindergarten

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It is very important to successfully complete this first socialization process in which the child has managed to remain separated from the family. Developmental stages, which were not achieved in time, are more difficult to achieve in the following periods, affect the child more psychologically and adversely affect the healthy development and harm other development areas.

Psychologist Eda Gökduman said, aile The family and the school should work together during the adaptation process. The behavior used by the family and the school should be the same. “And share the curiosities with you…

Adaptation period; cognitive process and behavioral process.
1) Cognitive Process; Family; the child should inform the child about the school and the situations it will encounter before starting the kindergarten. It should be felt that it will be near and safe during the initial phase. Otherwise, the child feels that his mother will leave him and be left alone. This feeling damages the adaptation process. In You're going to school, you're grown up, ”says some children. For this reason, it is more useful to use the words yer playground yer than school.
2) Behavioral Process; It is also very useful that you meet the teacher before the child goes to school, give information about your child's personality traits, the games he loves, and the subjects he is sensitive to. Teacher; if he / she has this information, he / she will communicate with the child in a shorter and faster way. Your child, who has a general idea of ​​the school in the cognitive process, is now more ready to see the school. You should be careful that he is not sleepless, sick and does not experience a different stressful process that day. Otherwise, the unrest will be combined with the concept of school and make it difficult to adapt to school.

First day! At the first encounter; Warm communication with the teacher is most important. For this, the child should be in control and start to develop a sense of trust. The time spent at school should not be too long, as it is very important not to get bored on the first day. Activities such as food and sleep should be postponed. Otherwise, the child will have the idea of ​​a place to eat or sleep in the school. Person with the child (mother, carer, grandmother); the teacher may stay a little distant to provide spatial integration. The teacher should guide the family according to the child's expectations.

After the first successful day; the process of returning to a pleasant home will reinforce positive thoughts about the school. At home ; the name of the teacher and the activities carried out in the school. The second day ; the time is slightly extended. The teacher has priority in meeting the needs of the day. If the child does not want to be forced on this issue.

The separation process; The child should be ready as well as parents. The child's adaptation to school will be difficult as long as the mother makes her feel anxious and does not gradually move away from the child. If the child is very attached to the mother, if the mother is not emotionally ready, someone else should be involved in the training phase.

In the adaptation process; periods of crankiness and insomnia can last for several weeks. Addiction to the mother may increase. Appetite may decrease and sleep may be disturbed. Fearful dreams can be seen at night. These behaviors are quite natural reactions. As the child begins to adapt, it should not be worried that it will disappear. If the problem persists for a long time, it may be helpful to talk to the school psychologist or to seek out an external specialist.

It is very important that the family is committed and working in harmony with the school. Concerns can be shared with the school psychologist, pedagogue, management and teacher.

The duration of school adaptation is different for each child. Therefore, it should never be compared with other children. This process may vary according to the personality structure of the child and the way the family grows.

Preschool period; play a very important role in the development of a child. Therefore, any unsuccessful adaptation process will harm the development of the child. During this period, understanding and patience should be shown to the child. Forced behavior damages the child's emotional development and psychology. Therefore, when choosing a school; You should pay attention to the presence of a pedagogue and psychologist in the school.

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