Is it safe to donate blood if I am breastfeeding?

Is it safe to donate blood if I am breastfeeding?

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Yes, starting six weeks after you give birth. Delivery – either vaginal or c-section – is stressful to your body and you need that time to recover and regain the circulating red blood cells lost during delivery.

Assuming you're not at risk for anemia or other medical problems that would prohibit you from donating, the American Red Cross will allow you to donate blood if it's been at least six weeks since you delivered your baby.

Some moms worry about getting an infection from donating blood, but nothing is inserted into you except a needle. With sterile technique, the risk of an infection from blood donation is extremely low and no greater than when you have blood drawn at the doctor's office.

You do lose hydration when you donate, and since your milk supply is dependent on your being well hydrated, you should drink water before and after donating blood. Having a 200- to 300-calorie snack before or after can also help you feel better after you donate.

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