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Finger sucking habit and pacifier use in children

Finger sucking habit and pacifier use in children

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Orthodontist Prof. Dr. Aylin Sezen Yalçın emphasized that Orthodontist and pedodontist should work together to give up the habits that harm children. Referring to the importance of psychological approach in child treatments, Yalçın said, “When the child is approached with appropriate language and patience, the child's trust is gained. This is the only way that the treatment and suggestions will be successful. Anna, father, orthodontist and pedodontist hand-in-hand to help the child to stop the habit of harming the child said. It may occur spontaneously in infants or children who are discontinued from pacifiers. By nature, the finger-sucking habit is more difficult to abandon. If after 4 years of age, despite these suggestions, these habits cannot be quit with the effort of the family, a dentist or even an orthodontist should be consulted ”. Yalcin, prepared in accordance with the mouth and various devices that prevent absorption and different suggestions and applications with the support of the child's doctor to stop this habit, he said.Breathing in the mouth disfigures the faceYalçın, another important problem that will permanently affect the chin structure of the children and therefore the shape of the face is breathing by mouth. Yalçın listed the symptoms as follows: burun Congestion in the child's nasal passages is one of the most important problems. When the nasal breathing is not fully realized, the child breathes continuously through the mouth. Permanent effects occur when this condition persists for a long time. You can tell if your child has mouth breathing problems while you are resting, watching television or studying. These children snore at night. Salivary pillow happens. Yalçın continued: “These children have a longer face type. Under the eyes flatten. In such a case, families should apply to the nearest orthodontist. ”Eating nails infects teethYalcin, "eating nails, pen biting habits, such as both affect oral hygiene and teeth as bad as possible to disrupt as soon as possible," he said.You should meet your dentist from the age of 3He said that children should be introduced to the dentist from the age of 3 and that the first step of having a healthy mouth and jaw would be taken. Yalcin, an early age dental contact with a child sitting in the dental chair without fear and may arise in the future of many problems in the early period, he said. Yalçın said, bu In these early controls, the possibility of caries formation will be reduced by using protective fluoride applications and orthodontic problems, if any, will be detected early. Common habits such as finger-sucking, pacifier, breathing patterns, tooth grinding and nail eating in children cause serious jaw and dental health problems if not abandoned in time. ”

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