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"Saying no

"Saying no

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Hearing the word hayır no Sürekli can make your child passive and lose confidence. Therefore, do not be very careful when using the word no. If you want your child to live in harmony with you and the environment, you should know how and when to use the word no.

Case 1: The buttons of the brand new DVD player you bought for your home look quite interesting to your one year old child. She's bright, she can be moved, and her dad keeps zapping. But your child reacts the first time the button is pressed, “No! It breaks down! ” He looks at it in surprise and tries again immediately.Case 2: Your three-year-old son got on the merry-go-round three times, but when the tokens ran out, his father said, “No, not for the fourth time.. Your son's scream is heard from colliding cars.“No!” Continued in the February issue of the Baby Magazine from ebebek…

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