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Watch out if he doesn't make any facial expressions!

Watch out if he doesn't make any facial expressions!

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Perception Special Education and Rehabilitation Center psychologist Dilek Erzenli, observing different behaviors of children who do not know where to apply families, he said. Emphasizing that the diagnosis of autism can only be made by professionals, Erzenli underlined that these experts are also children and adolescent psychiatrists and child neurology specialists. takes the history of the time since birth, psychological tests and medical analysis. Diagnoses after all this process. The child diagnosed with autism should visit the child psychiatrist regularly in the following years, the effect of the drugs and the condition of the child should be under control. R nör In some cases, epilepsy associated with autism is treated by the child neurologist, r he said. . These boards include neurology, psychiatry, internal medicine, otolaryngology, general surgery specialists. This board gives your child a disability health report. With this report, you can immediately apply to the nearest special education and rehabilitation centers. In these centers, 12 hours of training is provided by the state. However, given that the recommended monthly education period is between 80-140 hours per month, the right to education given for 8 hours is not sufficient for the child. Therefore, you must take additional paid courses. Your trainer may need to train you and others at home. ”

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