Beware of water loss in infants!

Beware of water loss in infants!

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Gaziantep University (GAÜN) Faculty of Medicine Department of Pediatrics Professor. Dr. Text Kılınç, Kılınç, especially during the summer periods of sweating with babies and children lost water, he said.

Kılınç said that they could ask for water by saying that the children were thirsty from their parents in this case, but the babies could not express themselves.

Kılınç asked parents not to ignore this fact. Kayb Loss of water in infants can cause restlessness, loss of appetite, constant crying and shock in extreme situations.

Symptoms that start with restlessness bring the baby to cry and not eat if the water balance is not maintained. Then the baby tends to fall asleep. As a result of this situation, the baby may experience shock. Bebek

Kilinc, especially on extremely hot days, babies should be given frequent intervals of water, it is important to prevent water loss of the baby, he said.


Kilinc, no matter how many degrees of air outside the body internal temperature is 36.5-37 degrees, he noted. Excessive heat under the sun for a long time sweating metabolism deterioration and increased body internal temperature indicating that Kilinc, said:

“When the internal heat rises and sweating metabolism deteriorates, the child can go into shock with a sudden increase in internal heat. Symptoms such as flushing, fainting, palpitations may occur.

It is very difficult for families to keep children who want to play outside at home all the time, but in very hot weather it is best to take children out until 10:00 in the morning and after 5:00 in the evening. ”

Nose bleeding in children is often seen in extreme heat Kılınç reminding, the effect of excessive bleeding caused by the cracking of the mucosa inside the nose, he said.
Source: Posta Newspaper

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