Spiritual preparation for birth

Spiritual preparation for birth

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In the minds of the parents: nasıl How will pregnancy pass, will the baby be healthy, will the baby be fed enough in the womb, how will the health of the mother, how will the birth be, how will the health of the baby, how will life with the baby? ”And so on. There are questions.Experts Psychologist Burcu DAĞLI; Starting from the pregnancy period, the psychological process in the preparation period and what needs to be done in this period are shared with you. The parents experience stress because they do not know the answer to these questions. In fact, this is normal. It is an emotional process experienced by every parent. First of all, it is necessary to accept. No one was born by learning motherhood and fatherhood. These are the things you will learn as you live and gain experience. The researches have shown that the parents who prepare themselves psychologically before and during pregnancy have survived these processes more easily and peacefully. In addition, consciously managing this process together with psychological preparation is an important concern for the health of both the mother and the baby to be born.The preparations that should be made at the psychological level can be listed as follows;1. You can talk to people who have had new babies, who have knowledge and experience in raising a baby, and you can ask them how they feel during pregnancy and what they do. In this way, you will have a lot of general knowledge and experience about baby care and pregnancy process, you can learn and apply them easily. 2. Talk with your partner about the pregnancy and the future. Learn about each other's concerns and fears about this process. Put your expectations forward. For example, will only the mother care for the baby? Think of other experienced family members and friends, who can help you?3. List your preparations in the first months of pregnancy, step by step progressively as time comes to reduce your stress. Be sure to prepare your birth bag on the day of delivery (recommended to be ready by 32 weeks).4. You should prepare yourself psychologically for the difficulties of raising a baby. Having a baby is no ordinary thing. It's not easy to raise a baby. Magnifying the baby bears difficulties in itself. You have to admit there are difficulties. If you accept them, you will do this hard work with great love and affection. 5. Do not forget to visit your doctor regularly before and during pregnancy. Your regular doctor checks will help to detect and intervene in the course of a number of disorders. In addition, you will receive advice from your doctor throughout the process. A healthy pregnancy will make you comfortable. (We recommend that you visit your doctor with your partner.)6. Try to improve yourself by reading books written by experts, although you can benefit from other people's knowledge and experience in parenting. 7. Learn the necessary breathing and relaxation exercises before and during childbirth and repeat frequently. 8. During the preparation process; we advise you to remind yourself that birth is not a medical condition, how you can get the support of medicine if necessary and that birth is a normal transition process. Preparing for birth allows you to recognize your fears and eliminate them from interfering with the birth journey. Pre-natal, pregnant women both physically and psychologically to prepare themselves for birth, the special moments of meeting with their babies makes it more enjoyable. 9. Attend early pregnancy courses you can find. You can become a more conscious family by learning what awaits you during pregnancy.10. Talk to your mother or your relatives about how you were born, which will also affect your birth. If you have a difficult birth story, a professional study will help you avoid these negative influences.11. Tell everyone, including your family, your expected date of birth 2 weeks later. You will not experience unnecessary stress with heavy phone traffic when this date comes.12. Don't go crowded to birth. Make sure the person to help you is a calm person.13. Choose hospitals where midwife services are actively used, because the doctor cannot be with you at all times.14. Do not stay connected to the machine used to monitor baby heartbeat at birth unless there is a medical requirement. You feel unnecessarily a problem.15. Learn about cesarean rates and routine interventions for the hospital you have chosen for delivery. If you have preferences, you are responsible for sharing them with your doctor in advance.16. You should also learn to take responsibility when making your birth preferences. Remember that you have responsibility for every decision to be made as a doctor-parent trio.17. Birth is normal, natural and healthy. However, remember that you may have to deliver by caesarean section if necessary.18. Stay in the same room with your baby after birth. Do not allow too many visitors to fill the room so that the postnatal mother-baby bonding is not compromised. When birth starts, just go back inside and accept it with respect. Never interrupt communication with your baby. Birth; normal, natural and healthy. On the way to a healthy birth, the body and the baby will tell you what to do and what you need. Let yourself flow and trust your intuition.Psychologist Burcu DAĞLI

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