Bath time essentials for your 6-month-old

Bath time essentials for your 6-month-old

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You'll white-knuckle through your first infant baths, fearing that your little one is going to slip from your grip. As they get bigger, you actually begin to enjoy the little moments during bath time – for us, it's my special bonding time with our baby Liam. We have a bit of an elaborate routine to prep him for a (hopefully) long slumber.

Now that he's 6 months old, and a giant baby, it was time for a new bath seat. His legs would hang off of his tiny infant one and it was almost impossible to keep him still. Liam adores water and wanted to splash and play. With the twins, we always used the Bumbo seat, but that just never felt safe.

When a friend posted on Instagram about the Summer Infant My Bath Seat I was like "Whaaaat is thaaaat?!" I had to get one for Liam. Since he is so squirmy and active, I knew having him secure in his seat would be so comforting for me. Yes, even after 4 kids, I'm super paranoid! Like, I know my kids are always safe, but I still check to make sure they're breathing about 4x a night.

The bath seat is a game changer for doesn't budge an inch, even with a little guy who "dances" as he splashes. From the moment I put Liam in the seat, he was a new baby during bath time. I busted out the bath toys he got for Christmas and he could actually splash and play. I honestly teared up because I feel like my last baby is growing up so fast. His smiles and joy made my heart melt, but I was thinking about how it had to be yesterday he was born.

Other bath time items we're loving:

  • Dove Baby Wash – the smell is ah-mazing and it leaves his skin so soft. My older girls have been using it in the shower, too!
  • Mold-free toys – I love how new ones are mostly mold free or at least easier to clean than before! We found great ones from Amazon by Munchkin and Marcus Marcus. (Hello, free Prime shipping!).
  • Aquaphor ointment – Our water is super hard, which makes our skin dry. This works wonders for the whole family, especially when used right out of the bath or shower. It's an investment, but lasts forever!

Our routine ends with some baby-friendly essential oils on his feet and chest (Oilogy Baby rollers are my favorite) and a couple of stories. I find it so fascinating how he has favorite stories even this early on. If he wants to cuddle, I'm all for it!

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