Red cabbage gender predictor – I did it!

Red cabbage gender predictor – I did it!

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Yes, I’ve ventured into the ridiculous while waiting to see if my fourth baby is a boy or a girl. I stumbled upon the red cabbage gender predictor test in the August 2012 Birth Club and thought “oh what the heck”.

I’ve already stared for hours trying to discern a “nub” in my baby’s 12 week ultrasound. I tried the baking soda test (girl!), Chinese gender charts (girl!) and scoured the internet for every single gender legend that exists (50/50 boy-girl results). So I thought, what’s one more? Plus $1.50 for a cabbage is way cheaper than the gender pee tests they sell at the pharmacy.

Here’s how to do the test:

1. Buy a red cabbage (only red works, not green)

2. Cut up cabbage into small chunks (about two cups is what I’ve seen suggested, I used more but I like cabbage)

3. Boil water and pour over cabbage

4. Let sit for 10 minutes

5. Drain the water from the cabbage reserving the water

6. Mix equal parts of cabbage water and urine – I’ve seen a few places suggest using “first morning urine”, but I’m not sure if that matters (I highly suggest using disposable cups for this part if you’re squeamish like me)

7. Analyze the color of the cabbage water/urine mixture. Pink/red means boy, purple means girl!

My results: Purple/Girl

For those wondering, I have three boys, so I’m still thinking another boy is on the way…just going with odds here.

Is there any science behind this test? I interviewed a doctor (ahem, I asked my dad) and his scientific answer was “pee is pee.” So I’m going with no on that one. But it’s actually kind of fun. And now I’m off to search for some good red cabbage recipes.

Edit many many months later - I did end up having a girl, so it was right. 50/50 chance, but since this post is still getting some traffic I figured I'd update!

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