Avoid excessive contact with newborn babies!

Avoid excessive contact with newborn babies!

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Yeditepe University Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Contact Filiz directly too much touching and kissing newborn babies are at risk of infection.

Since newborn babies are vulnerable to diseases, it is important to protect them. Yeditepe University Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Filiz Bakar says that it is enough to pay attention to some issues without getting into the rush of excessive protection for the baby's health.

Dr. Bakar emphasizes that newborn babies are at risk for skin infections:

“When babies are born, they are born with a protective layer on their skin called vernix kazeoza. This protective layer protects babies from both heat loss and infections and also moisturizes the skin. Therefore, we do not wash the babies immediately, we want them to be washed 3-4 days after birth. ”

After being taken home from the hospital, the baby should not be contacted too much. Bakar, “The newborn baby is open to all kinds of infections. Therefore, we do not want the baby to be touched or kissed. It is inevitable that an infected person is infected with the baby. We want people other than parents to love the baby from a distance. We want to avoid too much contact with the baby. In addition, there should be no smoking even in another room in the house where the baby is located. ”

It's good to wash every day!

Underlining that the baby should not be exposed to neither too hot nor too cold, Assoc. Dr. Filiz Bakar says the following about baby clothing:

Aşırı The tendency to over-protect babies is very common. Babies often sneeze as reflexes, which makes the family uneasy that they may get cold and the baby is dressed in layers. Excessive dressing also makes the baby restless, sweat, and facilitates the formation of rash. However, in very hot one coat of clothes may be enough. Room temperature should be around 22-23 degrees when the baby is clothed. Air conditioning can be used if the room is too hot, but the baby should not be exposed to direct air conditioning. ”

They also recommend washing the baby every day in hot weather. Bakar said, yerine Instead of using soap and shampoo every day, one day can be washed only with water and the other day with soap so that the baby's skin is not damaged. The bottom cleaning needs to be done carefully. We do not recommend wet wipes because they contain allergens when cleaning the baby's diapers. We prefer cleaning with cotton soaked in warm water, and especially for girls, we recommend cleaning from back to front. ”


- Bottom cleaning should be done with wetted cotton instead of wet wipes.

- The temperature of the baby room must be around 22-23 degrees.

- No smoking at home

- Infants should not be kissed too often in terms of risk of infection.

- The baby's laundry should be washed with soap powder.

- For the comfort of the baby, it should be washed every day in hot weather, but shampoo and soap should not be used every day. Instead, one day only water and one day shampoo should be used.

- Babies should be taken directly to the sun, not to the sun coming from behind the glass, for 15 minutes at noon hours when the sun rays come upright.

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