Guide to Firsts: Giving your baby a bottle

Guide to Firsts: Giving your baby a bottle

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Whether you're formula feeding or pumping breast milk, get tips on preparing and giving your baby's first bottle.

Start clean

Wash or sterilize bottles and nipples as directed on the packaging before your first feeding.

Heat things up

Use a bottle warmer or bowl of warm water (not a microwave) to heat breast milk or formula. Test on inner wrist before feeding.

Or try it cold

You can also try serving the bottle at room temperature, or even cold – some babies like it this way.

Get cozy

Choose a comfortable place to sit with your baby, and have a burp cloth on hand.

Support your baby

Use your arm or a pillow to keep your baby propped up slightly while you hold the bottle with the opposite hand.

Take burping breaks

If your baby gets fussy during the feeding, pause and see if gentle burping helps.

Try, try again

If your baby is used to nursing, the bottle may not be a hit at first. Don't force the issue, but keep trying every day.

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Guide to Firsts: Giving your baby a bottle

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