Mother and Pregnant Mother 3 Book Suggestions!

Mother and Pregnant Mother 3 Book Suggestions!

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My Mother's Voice

Illustrated by: View Deniz's Full Profile

Publisher: Always Book

Deniz Üçbaşaran firstly “A Day of Piraye”I knew and loved the book. After this book, many of his books, both as a writer and illustrator, was published. The book I am going to talk about today has warm drawings with pastel tones, The Voice Inside My Mother.

In this story, which is a silent book, a child is excited to see his mother's belly growing day by day; we will be playing together with his brother, playing games, fishing, and swinging on the tree.

Dear Deniz Üçbaşaran's successful drawings, a story of loving siblings waiting for each child to touch their dreams.

A Tale of Love

Writer: Lori Haskins Houran

Illustrated by: Sydney Hanson

Publisher: White Whale Publications

White Whale Publications continues to produce beautiful books. The book I am going to talk about today is a Love Tale with its warm and cute story.

The book begins with 3 words, which we often postpone to say to each other, but most need to hear:

"I love you much." and he says: “Whether you're a shy ostrich, a grumpy cat or a kangaroo that can't stand still. It does not matter. I love you very much, and I will always love you. ”

So, as mentioned, can unconditional love be possible? Why not! Sydney Hanson brings to life this warm story written by Lori Haskins Houran.

A Drop of Sea

Writer: Ingrid Chabbert

Illustrated by: I Guria

Publisher: Flying Fish Publications

There are some books, which will impress you as soon as you see the story before you read it. When I first saw a Damla Deniz on the shelf, I felt that I would love it very much.

The simple but touching drawings of J Guridi are embroidered. The story of Ali and his grandmother, who lives a little ahead of a hundred-year-old palm, A Drop of Sea.

Ali is worried about her grandmother's difficulty in breathing and walking.

He wants to do something, but he doesn't know what to do. One day she goes to her grandmother and asks her the best question: ene Tell me, Grandma, did you realize all your dreams? ”

Grandma, in fact, realized that all dreams; however, he says that he cannot see the sea at all, although he wants to do so.

Although he cannot answer his grandmother's answer at that moment, he actually makes a decision that day. She will realize her grandmother's only dream and will bring the sea with her bucket and backpack to her.

From grandmothers who never give up their dreams no matter how old they are, to grandchildren chasing their dreams…

Stay tuned for more book suggestions!

Yours 🙂

Instagram: @ 1kids1book

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