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3 books for your baby!

3 books for your baby!

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There is a wall in the middle of this book

Writer: Jon Agee

Translator: View Emre's Full Profile

Publisher: Domingo Publishing House

Age: 4+

Written by Jon Agee The Wall in the Middle of the Book released in America in recent months. In 2018, it was translated into Turkish by Domingo Publishing Company under the name of Duvar There is a wall in the middle of this book ".

In the story, we witness how our prejudices and invisible walls in our minds sometimes mislead us. As the name suggests, there is a huge wall in the middle of the book. This wall was built to protect one side from wild animals and the giant on the other.

Our hero, very happy and relaxed because he thinks that this wall protects him from all evil. But is he aware that the real danger is on his side?

You have noticed in daily life. We build our own walls where we are worried, afraid, unable to predict exactly what the outcome will be.

But perhaps the facts that will make us happy and give us a different perspective are on the other side of the wall. No way? Could be.

Alfons, this is not true at all!

Writer: Daisy Hirst
Translator: View Esin's Full Profile
Publisher: Nesin Publishing
Age: 3+,

When you're slowly declaring your independence at home, when you're the sole owner of toys and things, a tiny thing emerges:

The new brother bir A new partner to your possessions, toys, and even your order!

Alfons, This Is Not True, The Story of Two Brothers, Alfons and Natali. A brother named Alfons joins the family after Natali. Although it is difficult for Natali to make sense of this process at first, contrary to what is thought, she does not complain much about Alfons. He even likes to name birds together, listen to stories, shoot toys down the bunk.

Of course, Alfons, from time to time based on the authority of being small, sketches Natali's paintings, eat his favorite book is not only to prepare little surprises that will annoy him. At the end of the day, no matter how angry they are, they are united in the happiness of being brothers.

From Daisy Hirt the mischievous and entertaining story of brotherhood…

First Pictures - 1,2,3 - Colors - Black and White

Artist: Jane Foster

Publisher: Redhouse Kidz Publications

Age: 0-3 years

According to experts, introducing the child to the book does not have a certain age. Whether you start in the womb, or when you reach the age you can read your own.

Recent research has shown us that children who meet the book at a very early age cognitive, social, emotional and psycho-motor development says it is much better.

So, which books should you start with?

Especially 0-3 years of age thick hardcover books, cover books, audio books, books you can use in water, touch-feel books, teether books you can use it to guide your child to the book.

Jane Foster's colorful and fun drawings for the 0-3 age period and a very sweet series from Redhouse Kidz Publications. This series, which can be easily grasped by children with its thick cardboard pages and rounded edges, consists of 4 books, My First Pictures, 1-2-3, Colors and Black.

Cognitive development and hand-eye coordination with these books to support fingers, small muscles to develop!

Stay tuned for more book suggestions 🙂

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