The Dangers Awaiting Your Baby!

The Dangers Awaiting Your Baby!

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The area where we feel most secure and peaceful is our home. We spend most of our time at home. We can't spend much time outside, especially in cold weather. Naturally, our babies spend most of their time at home.

The babies will surely fall off as they learn to crawl, walk, and discover objects around them; but as you know, babies are mischievous. What to do between eyebrows and eyes is unpredictable. In this case, you will need to make some arrangements to make your home suitable for your baby.

Before your baby was born, you might have thought that there was no danger in your home, but when the baby began to crawl, you realized the gravity of the situation. Now you will have to think and review many things that you have not thought of before. Well, at home baby safetyWhat do you need to do to ensure ni?

Keep an Eye on Your Baby!

In fact, the most important factor that will ensure baby safety at home is to keep an eye on your baby. Never underestimate your babies. Don't think about the misconceptions like “She's just crawling, what can she do?” They're growing so fast before you know it! You'll be amazed to see what your baby can do in seconds, rather than 2 minutes. You'll have to think like your baby first. So your duty as a parent is to predict what he can do. Put yourself in his shoes and look around. Make a note of what you think could harm it, remove what needs to be removed, and take action immediately on what needs to be taken.

Don't Leave Small Piece Toys and Items That Can Be Damaged!

Babies tend to put everything in their mouths as they try to get to know their surroundings. In this case, your baby's throat should not leave all kinds of things around. E.g;

  • Coins, batteries and buttons are things that your baby can throw in her mouth and cause them to choke.
  • Balloons should not be left in the middle, as they may cause the baby to suffocate with the fragments disintegrating.
  • Small parts of baby toys, such as the tiny eyes of dolls, should not be left in the middle as they present a danger of swallowing. Safe and safe toy for child developments should be taken.
  • Even the hairpin you remove from your hair and put it aside is a danger to your child. You should be careful about this.

How should the baby be protected from the dangers in the kitchen?

You should review not only the rooms where you live, but also your kitchen. While you are cooking, your little cub will not wait for you inside and will want to come to you. He will spend time in the kitchen with you and of course he will not be idle. Even though we buy many kinds of toys for our children to play with, they don't settle for them. We can't judge them on this. There is a sense of curiosity in human genetics. Your baby will want to touch each object to recognize it. Not all objects, especially sharp utensils, are suitable for taking the baby into the hands and mouth. So what should you do about it? The answer is not as difficult as you think.

  • She usually places your cutlery in the top drawers and you may think your baby won't catch it, but your baby grows so fast that you can't catch it. That's why you can put your belongings in higher shelves and closed cupboards.
  • You may be accustomed to having your cleaning agents on hand at all times, but you should put them on top shelves out of reach of your baby. Another solution is to cover and cabinet locks Using these locks, you can prevent your baby from opening cabinet doors with dangerous things inside.
  • When cooking, you should turn the handle of the pan into the interior and use the rear compartment. So you accidentally hit your arm and prevent the spill of the hot food. If you want it to be more reliable cooker barriers will do your job.
  • Even if your baby hasn't started to walk yet, he or she may turn on the oven or stove buttons as it may hold on to something. With PVC cover to prevent this danger cooker lock These products allow only you to use the gas switch.
  • Do not put detergent in the dishwasher and leave it. Put the detergent on when you switch it on.
  • If your baby is capable of opening the refrigerator, do not store food on the bottom shelves that may break into the throat and do not break things.

The kitchen is a dangerous place in all respects for children. When you are not in the kitchen, your baby can go to the kitchen without making you feel. The best way to protect your baby from all the dangers in the kitchen in such situations baby safety gate It is to use.

The baby safety door will prevent your baby from entering the kitchen while you are away and keep it safe. If you have a staircase in your home, you can also position it at the top of the staircase.

How to Secure a Baby Home?

Living rooms are the living spaces of our house. We spend most of our time there at home. Of course it is the case for our babies. For this reason, we should not ignore what could be dangerous for the baby in these rooms. For example;

  • Your TV should be mounted on the wall, not on the unit. So it will be difficult for your mini to reach that huge item and there is no risk of overturning.
  • Make sure that the battery covers of the TV controls are installed.
  • Photo frames on your unit or coffee table are dangerous to baby safety. Even if the edges of your frame are plastic, the photo section is covered with glass. Therefore, you can try to hang them on the wall.
  • You should also put other decorative household items that can be broken out of the reach of your baby.
  • If you use a fireplace in your living room, you should wear a heat-resistant cover. You should also keep the cover closed when not in use. Pointed edges of the fireplace soft corner protector pads.
  • Remove items such as candles and matches. The candle burning in the room is very dangerous for the baby. Even if it does not burn, it may stick the candle in its mouth and chew the wax, causing choking. If you like candle light, you can take advantage of the battery-powered lights that give the candle effect.
  • If your home has a staircase, you should use a security door and ensure that it is closed when not in use.
  • Advice on child safety at homeAnother is that if you have heavy furniture in your room, such as a bookcase, you should definitely fix it to the floor or wall. Even if you put an obstacle in front of your child can reach there between the eyebrows and may have a disastrous accident.

This is how most of the accidents with children occur. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the baby at home, do not postpone such things and resolve them immediately.

Fix Pointed Corners!

The furniture in your home is usually angular and very dangerous for the uprising little ones. That's where the commissioning corner protectorenters. You can attach these protectors to the sharp and sharp corners of your tables and tables. These products baby safety suppliesYou can view. Even if you want a combination of many protective materials baby safety set You can also receive.

If you have a glass table at home, find out if the glass is tempered. If tempered, it will not be divided into a thousand parts in any impact. In this case you can benefit from corner guards, but if it is not tempered, raise the stand if possible for the safety of the baby.

My baby plays with a socket, what can I do?

One of the things that babies love to play is unfortunately our sockets and cables. In case of any danger, we should:

  • Designed for baby safety if your sockets are low socket outlet coversInstall.
  • In some homes, sockets may be too high for our babies to reach, but extension sockets are the products we use quite often. Our babies can insert a metal object into these sockets. Therefore, we should not leave the extension sockets in place.
  • Usually there is a bunch of interconnected cables next to televisions. By collecting that stack, you can put it in a closed place and mount it in an invisible location behind the unit. You can even do this yourself with a towel paper roll.

Safe Baby Room

  • To ensure baby safety in the bedrooms, you should not put your baby's bed against the window.
  • All the windows that the baby can come out at home, especially in the baby's room window lock You should install. You may be pursuing those dangerous things while you think your baby is sleeping.
  • You can use a digital baby listening radio to keep your eyes behind when you sleep and leave.
  • You should make sure that the bars of the cradle are too small for your baby to cross.
  • When your baby grows up and starts to sit, you will need to lower the crib so that it does not fall through.
  • If you are worried about your baby falling asleep, you can use a bed barrier.
  • Be careful not to use roller blinds in the bedrooms and other rooms where your baby can climb and reach. The ropes of this type of curtain are very dangerous for your baby.
  • If your baby is sleeping in your bed, you can put pillows in the spaces between the walls.
  • You should not use decorative items that your baby can take in her room and throw in her mouth.

What are the issues to be considered in the baby bath?

  • The most important consideration in the bathroom is the slippery floor. Therefore, you should not leave your bathroom wet.
  • You can put a non-slip mat under the carpets you use in the bathroom to prevent lost falls.
  • You should not leave the plug of the hairdryer you are using.
  • If you have medicines in your bathroom, store them on top shelves in a closed box.
  • As in the kitchen, place cleaning agents out of the reach of your baby or use cabinet locks.
  • You should set the temperature well when bathing your baby. You can use a thermometer for this.
  • You should not leave anything in the bathroom, such as a bucket full of water, that may cause suffocation.
  • You should keep the toilet cover closed all the time. You should also keep your bathroom clean, as the toilet and the surrounding area can easily become germs. You can also prevent your baby from opening by using toilet seat locks.

Many home accidents will be prevented if baby safety is provided at home, but there is another point that needs to be addressed here. That's because you don't make the security issue paranoid. Of course, your child will fall, sometimes even bleeding. This is part of the growth. Your duty is to provide him with the necessary security and keep an eye on him. Safety is not a reason to restrict your baby.

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