Listening to the baby during pregnancy

Listening to the baby during pregnancy

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It is possible to make your baby feel special and to relax and prepare for the outside world with proven methods. has positive effects on babies who have not yet met the outside world. From the 4th month of pregnancy, the baby starts to hear sounds in its environment. After the 24th week, it also hears the sounds outside. Listening to classical music during pregnancy is important for comforting and calming the unborn baby. When the baby listens to classical music after birth, it will feel as safe as it did in the mother's womb. This will support her relaxation. It is known that the numerical skills of the babies who listen to classical music are stronger and that their social aspects develop positively. Listening to classical music before birth also reduces the fear, anxiety and stress of the mothers and makes the baby ready for birth. The baby begins to remember the sounds heard after the week, the mother begins to interact consciously. Speak with your baby in a calm tone in an environment free from environmental noise and chaos when you are in the womb. This conversation will help him calm down, reduce the stress of his birth and increase his happiness. Physical and mental tensions may decrease with dance. You can relax yourself and your baby with spontaneous dance. Talking with your baby during breaks is a very effective method for healthy development.

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