Breastfeeding Preparation

Breastfeeding Preparation

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Breastfeeding Preparation

Some of our mothers breastfeed wonder what kind of preparations can be made during pregnancy. In fact, there is not much you need to do in terms of physical preparation.

Hormones in your body make changes to the production of breast milk during pregnancy and milk production begins immediately after birth. What most mothers need in order to breastfeed is a friend who will support you with the right information and encouragement.

Breast Tips

First of all, it is useful to know the regions of your breast about this subject. Very simply, your nipples and the areola surrounding it are a brown ring.

These definitions will suffice for the time being. Once upon a time, there were many applications for nipple preparation to avoid damaging your nipples during breastfeeding. Today, however, it is accepted that correct positioning and correct sucking of the breast prevent nipple wounds or at least reduce problems that may develop.

Therefore, nipple preparation is no longer required.

It is not necessary to use alcohol, antiseptic or soap on your nipples. It is sufficient to wash your breasts with clear water while washing. Glands around your nipple while your baby is sucking antimicrobial and moisturizing skin secretes a substance.

Soap can be very dry so it should not be used in the chest area. Some mothers prefer to use moisturizers to prevent drying of the nipples during pregnancy.

Except for lanolin-based preparations, it is not recommended to use any cream while breastfeeding.

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Breast Massage

Soft breast massages will help you get to know and handle your chest, especially if you need to express your breast in the future. A massage method is starting from an area close to the chest of your chest to press a point with your fingers slowly and make round movements in that area.

Then move these movements towards the tip of your chest. Repeating 10-20 seconds move forward. Then proceed with your other breast.

Breastfeeding Guide

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Colostrum during pregnancy

During pregnancy your breasts may start producing colostrum (first milk - mouth milk), especially during the last weeks of pregnancy or after a massage.

Fix Straight or Inward Nipples!

Effective sucking of your baby should be able to pull your nipple to the back of your mouth. If your nipples are straight, your baby may have difficulty trying to make this movement.

Hold your thumb and forefinger from the bottom of the nipple and gently squeeze. If your nipple does not protrude enough to be held, you may have a flat nipple.

A suitable method for removing the flat nipple is to stretch the thumbs apart by placing both thumbs at the bottom of the nipple (not the areola) and pushing them into the chest. This movement from different points Do it 5 times and 3-4 times a day Repeat times.

Inward Nipple Tips

If your nipples do not come out during these movements, you may have inward nipples. Such nipples areola bored they collapse inward.

This may or may not require treatment. Some breastfeeding experts believe that if the baby has a good breast, it can be successful. Some experts favor the use of breast molds for ejecting the nipple.

They are comfortable to use, lightweight and unnoticed under your bra. During pregnancy, you should wear them for a few hours a day and gradually increase the time you get used to them.

If inward nipples are detected after the baby is born, the breast molds can be used between breastfeeding.

Breast molds can be found in the relevant stores.

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Breastfeeding Bras

Many mothers aim to facilitate breastfeeding breastfeeding bras they prefer to buy while pregnant. Make sure that the bras purchased during the last weeks of pregnancy are large enough because your breasts will grow after birth.

A small bra may obstruct the chest canals, but may also lead to infection.

Comfortable Breastfeeding

Make sure your clothes are in two pieces, such as a skirt shirt or trousers shirt. It is a great benefit to choose a garment suitable for breastfeeding. Both for your baby to breastfeed comfortably and to feel yourself comfortable in crowded environments.

You can open your shirt buttons from bottom to top. A comfortable sweatshirt or t-shirt can be easily lifted up. There are many stores that produce clothes considering the needs of pregnant women. Take a look if appropriate.

Incentive and Support

It is really important for breastfeeding in hospitals or maternity hospitals where breastfeeding consultants are present. Before giving birth breast milk and breastfeeding search, navigate and ask questions about the institutions that put you in the foreground. Determine if the organization is right for you.

Remember that the first hours and days after birth are very, very important for breastfeeding and breast milk.

Nutrition recommendations during breastfeeding

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Baby Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding is not instinctive, it must be learned. Give your baby and yourself some time, and after a while you will realize that it is easy for you.
Here's what you have to keep in mind baby breastfeeding tips.

  • Start breastfeeding your baby early.Breastfeed your baby within the first hour after birth. Even if you fail to be tired, don't worry about it. Believe that if you have had a difficult birth, leaning your baby directly on your chest with skin contact can be as satisfying as breastfeeding.
  • Practice a lot.
    Think of breastfeeding before your milk comes as a musluk dry tap gel, but don't worry about feeding the baby very little. Continue breastfeeding even if your milk doesn't come. Don't worry, your milk is adjusted to your baby's needs.

At present, this requirement may be minimal and in fact your baby's stomach is not yet ready to digest too much food; therefore a small amount of colostrum (first or mouth milk) produced by your body is sufficient. Consider these initial breastfeeding sessions as training techniques.

Here you should not forget the message süt the more milk you will breastfeed your baby will come! Düşün You may think your baby is hungry because of crying, but babies have many reasons to cry, and crying does not necessarily mean that they are hungry. Nevertheless, your baby should be breastfed as and when he wants.

In this case, your baby's desire to suck will be reduced if breast feeding is interrupted, as breastfeeding decreases, your breast tissue will not receive any warning and milk production It will be reduced.

  • Give yourself time.
    Successful breastfeeding is not a day job. The baby is of course inexperienced. If it's your first baby, you're in the same situation.
You have a lot to learn, but you have to be patient. You need to do a lot of experiments to be mutually compatible. Accept your mistakes.
  • Keep your cool.
    We know that if you're a new mother, it's going to be a bit difficult. But if you want to be successful in breastfeeding, know that coolness is the most important condition! Tension prevents milk from coming.

Thus, the milk does not come out because you can not relax the milk occurs. If you feel tense, ensure that no visitors enter your room during breastfeeding, or take visitors out when you feel hungry. If you think it will be useful, do relaxation exercises, listen to soft music.

  • Prohibit the bottle.
    Detect support foods and foods containing sugar water as a sabotage for your breastfeeding efforts. Even with a few sips of sugar water will close the baby's appetite and eliminate the need for suction. After a few attempts with the bottle, the baby can easily and effortlessly access the milk and lose the desire to struggle.

Importance of water for babies

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If your baby makes sucking for a short time and reluctantly, your breasts lose the motivation to produce milk. So you enter into a vicious circle that prevents breastfeeding.

Otherwise, your baby's bottle or pacifier is too far from the actual breast structure. “Breast astonishment” may enter. The tip of the bottle and nipple is thin and flat, whereas the breasts should include not only the end but also the entire brown part of the breast so that the breast milk can absorb the milk.

A baby accustomed to a bottle or pacifier will grab the nipple of his mother and will be angry and refuse the breast because he does not have milk. However, because it will bite the nipple and leave it constantly wet pain and cracks It will occur.

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