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10 items of newborn skin care

10 items of newborn skin care

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There are many questions in the minds of new parents. The skin of the newborn is soft and sensitive. Therefore, routine skin care is also very important. Skin care products to be used for babies should be careful to be perfume-free, odorless, and should not contain chemicals known to paint and harmful effects. Ahmet Günay skin care in the newborn should be considered when told.1. There is a waxy layer on newborn babies. You should not remove this layer, wait for it to come out as it is washed.2. The body of newborn babies is knuckle. Dirt can form between these nodes and cause infection. That's why you need to clean the knuckles every day.3. Newborn babies have uncommon skin accumulations called hosts. These skin deposits should not be removed, should be expected to come out using moisturizing shampoo and cream.4. Some babies are naturally dry skin. To get rid of dandruff-like dry skin after bathing your baby's skin with natural moisturizing cream.5. Prolonged contact of urine and poop with skin may cause fungal or rashes in infants. You often need to change the bottom.6. If red spots appear on your baby's groin and other curves, and your baby is restless, it may be fungal. Take your baby to your skin doctor as soon as possible.7. Baby clothes should be washed with special soaps for babies.8. By using special baby detergents, you can prevent eczema and diarrhea from normal detergents.9. Most importantly, you should protect your baby from the sun because the ultraviolet-protecting pigments of newborn babies have not yet developed and are sensitive. Therefore, you should take the sun to the sun by using sunscreen creams and dressing your baby in ultraviolet protective clothing.10. Keep in mind that your baby's vitamin D is supplied from the sun and therefore sometimes needs to be taken outside the hours of 10.00-16.00.

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