Reasons for non-retention of IVF treatment

Reasons for non-retention of IVF treatment

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treatment of infants, expectant mothers who can not get pregnant naturally have children
to help them become a method. Egg from woman
fertilization of sperm cell from male and female
It is the process. The embryo formed after this fertilization process; womb
It is transferred. Natural methods of IVF treatment can not have children
It is the most preferred method of men and women. This is because; test tube
treatment has a higher chance of success compared to other treatment methods.
It is not.

First time of IVF treatment
is a natural condition. Any health
even couples who do not have problems when they want to have children in a short time
Can not perform. Therefore couples experiencing failure in the first attempt
should not despair. Keeping morale high during treatment
is required. They should evaluate the time well and not postpone the implementation. Because
As the woman's age increases, more trials are required. Especially over 40
women need more trials and the possibility of miscarriage is more common.

Good quality at least 3 times in the womb of the mother
repetitive tube in case pregnancy does not occur despite embryo transfer
infant failure. Results of unsuccessful IVF trials; mother
the womb good quality embryo
poor quality of pregnancy with no status
pregnancy cannot be achieved after embryo transfer
It should be classified. Considering this classification
must go.

Failure of IVF treatment
There can be many reasons behind it. The most common causes are; good quality of the embryo transferred to the uterus
absence, genetic structure is to be degraded income. Also egg development
use of the wrong drugs during treatment may also result in unsuccessful treatment.
why could it be. Another reason is the development of the embryo environment
is inadequate. The outer membrane of the embryo
Causes of embryo development such as
why could it be. Secondary causes include disorders of uterine structure, uterus
uterine fibroids and polyps,
infections, coagulation problems and income. Third reasons are chocolate
cysts, obstruction and swelling of the tubes.

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