Drinking herbal teas during pregnancy

Drinking herbal teas during pregnancy

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During pregnancy
the question of whether herbal tea can be used is the most curious
among the topics. Pregnancy is not a disease process. But the most careful and
is a process that must be cautious. During this period, the expectant mother ate and drank
they need to be more careful and more controlled than ever. Pregnancy
At the beginning of drinks not recommended by doctors during the period
tea comes. Herbal teas are the most sensitive in this process.
It is not recommended to use. Especially sage
Pregnant women should avoid teas. This is because premature birth
and cause miscarriage.

Pregnant mothers are unnecessary
not to overdo some herbal teas instead of drug use
It can consume. Ginger, rosehip, sage and thyme teas are safe to drink
non-herbal teas.

Ginger nausea and vomiting during pregnancy
complaints are good for mothers. Chamomile, green tea and fruit
pregnant women consume their tea to calm down and satisfy the need for fluids.
At the same time chamomile and fennel teas
is consumed to increase. Melisa tea also occurs during pregnancy
It can be used for neural tensions and stress.

Consistent with consumption
teas are sage, cassia, raspberry, flax seed, basil tea. also
Lavender, mistletoe, parsley should not be drunk (parsley can be used in meals.)
stimulant effect when over-consumed teas
may cause bleeding and contractions in the cervix. This
risk of premature labor. Especially the birth of raspberry tea
It is used to initiate births for pregnant women
It is known.

Pregnant mothers cold
protection of the immune system for protection from influenza in cold weather
must take. At the beginning of these measures abundant water consumption.
consume more protein, consume less sugar, protect against flu
among the measures. This is to consume the vegetables and fruits of the season as fresh.
sense is very important. Consumption by mothers during flu period
more than two cups of linden, rosehip and ginger teas per day
not to be consumed in consultation with the doctor. Immunity under this condition
The system gets stronger and relieves the flu.

General about teas
Although the information is in this way, it is helpful to consult your own doctor. Each
Since pregnancy is specific to the person, be very careful and consider them
must have.

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