Insomnia during pregnancy

Insomnia during pregnancy

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Insomnia during pregnancy,
is one of the most important problems experienced by mothers. Hormonal
changes, post-op pressure and birth concerns
causes changes in the sleep patterns of the expectant mother. Hormonal changes
Due to insomnia, most are seen in the first 3 months. In recent months, stress, anxiety
and emotional changes cause insomnia.

Sleep is the most basic of man
is one of your needs. The human is recharging his body with sleep. our health
secretion of substances required for the storage of energy, brain and
quality sleep is essential for the body to rest.

Sleep disorder with most
over-pregnancy and during the postpartum period. the insomnia
common complaints of expectant mothers in the most common periods; inability to fall asleep,
often waking up and intermittent sleep. The reason for this situation
maximizing the change in the body, baby movements, body
cramps are caused by nerve and edema pain. These factors are parents at night.
candidate 's sleep is often divided. Besides that growing
pressure on the baby's bladder causes the mother to go to the toilet frequently during the night
It happens. Another situation is dizziness. Lying on your back to the heart
It causes dizziness because it affects the outgoing blood negatively. This
therefore, the experts advise pregnant women to sleep on the left.

Birth of mothers
birth time, weight gain, physical change
anxiety about sexual life
It is one of the effects of insomnia during the last period of pregnancy.

Pretty during pregnancy
expectant mothers are more sensitive when quality sleep
becomes. As a result, the period of pregnancy in a pessimistic way
Spend. With some precautions to be taken to prevent sleep problems during pregnancy
can solve and sleep better quality sleep.

Warm at night before bedtime
take a shower or 1 glass of milk
In the evening it is difficult to digest, eating heavy and fatty foods.
you should avoid. Because this kind of food causes bloating in your stomach.
will increase your unrest. Caffeine-containing drinks such as tea and coffee
you should stay away. In addition, short walks before bedtime
it will make it easier for you to sleep, as it will help you digest what you eat and get more oxygen.

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