Tests after pregnancy

Tests after pregnancy

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Doctor checks baby belly
starts from the moment it falls. During pregnancy, this control and
tests allow the baby to recognize existing or potential abnormalities.

Ultrasonography, chromosome and orginal
anomalies and a number of functional problems prior to daylight
Can interests. According to the results of this method, if necessary pregnancy
It can be terminated.

Dogan Screening Tests

To identify some diseases in advance
newborn tests are being performed for children.
There are two diseases that are screened; hypothyroid and phenylketonuria. These diseases are early
negative consequences of diagnosis can be prevented. Early diagnosis
if not done, brain damage is in question.
In congenital hypothyroidism, oral drugs are used and in phenylketonide, other
brain by cutting off nutrients and consuming phenylanine-free foods
damages are prevented, and the unborn baby is able to live a normal life.

In our country, applying these tests
There are blood tests taken from the heel, within 3-4 days after birth.
the sample to a special blotter
It is done.

This blood sample should be
should not be done. Mistakes may occur in the installment made before 3-4 days,
The test may give misleading results. Except this; 7 days if testing
should not be exceeded. Otherwise, there is a high probability of failure.
If the baby is taken from the hospital where it was born and shipped to another location,
The counterparty must be informed whether the sample has been received.

These tests, intelligence among the public
Since it is considered to be a test, most families do not like this test. But
What families don't know is that this test is not an intelligence test. This test only,
diseases that may cause many problems in the future, including mental retardation
recognition and take action accordingly. These two important diseases occur,
If it is diagnosed in the first weeks of its emergence, it can be absolutely avoided.

However, both
It is also possible to detect the disease with prenatal tests.
It is not. If no early diagnosis is made, these two diseases may cause brain damage.
leads. After brain damage occurs, unfortunately, the return of this disease

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