Vagina after pregnancy

Vagina after pregnancy

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It doesn't matter how you give birth to problems. Whether caesarean section
give birth normally, your wounds healed, if you are bleeding
After weeks you can experience sexual intercourse. Your complaints in less time
this period can be up to 4 weeks.

vaginal problems in mothers who give birth; vaginal incision
stretching of tissues, enlargement of vaginal entry and vaginal structure
It is experienced. Unfortunately, the tissues expanding after normal birth become old
It does not rotate. Although this doesn't affect your sexual life at first,
Reduces sexual productivity. As it affects sexual life, the bladder
prolapse and consequent urinary incontinence.
may is.

Vaginal enlargement is not seen after every birth. This expansion to the woman's tissue,
depends on the age. The baby head during birth, the desired place
dilatation and proper incision to prevent tearing of random tissues.
It is made. This is the critical basis at birth. Doctor incision in two ways
Can. After the region is anesthetized, it is cut with scissors. Starting from the vagina,
away from the rectum at a certain angle to the middle side. With this method,
Since the rectum is avoided, there is no risk of rupture in the region.

Others in
is the medical incision that starts from the lower end of the vagina and goes down to the rectum. This
The risk of the method is the possibility of reaching the rectum. But with this incision, the region
heals quickly and thus less pain during intercourse. Less bleeding
However, this is one of the advantages of this precision. Seams after this method
it does not need to be taken because it will fall spontaneously. Only hygiene during that period
should pay attention.

enlargement may also invite urinary tract disorders. Aesthetics of work
judging by the size of the woman, due to sagging and abundance in the region
Feels restless and unhappy. If this is reflected in the bedroom, the sex life
problems. The woman keeps her mind constant
it may engage and not enjoy it.

Always like to feel beautiful. The vaginal aesthetics for these enlargements are now also
very popular. In the operations, both width can be reduced heö
aesthetic operation can be done. One hundred percent successful collapse operation
is said to be.

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