When do hormones improve after pregnancy?

When do hormones improve after pregnancy?

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Puerperium period, follow-up after giving birth 6
weekly period. During this period, both the expectant mother during pregnancy
physiological as well as psychological
returns to the previous state. Very early postpartum period, 24 after birth
hours, the early postpartum period, the first week and the remaining 5 weeks.
covers the late postpartum period. Reproductive organs in these 6 weeks old
and returns to normal.

Many hormones during this period since the beginning of pregnancy
production will be started. However, the period before pregnancy
some hormones also increase in levels.

Estrogen hormone, old as soon as possible after giving birth
can become. Progesterone hormone is a longer
takes time. Beta-HCG hormone is reduced in the blood after 15 days and
diminishes. As prolactin hormone provides milk production,
As long as she continues to breastfeed her baby, her blood level will continue to increase.
you will. Oxytocin hormone, uterine contraction, revert
is a hormone that provides and supports. Creep channels produced together
as long as the baby continues to suck,
The level will be fixed.

During the postpartum period

- Heart with increased respiratory rate during pregnancy
The number of rhythms returns to its original value.

- Shortness of breath, varicose veins, hemorrhoids during pregnancy
compression of the pregnant uterus
it disappears after the baby is born and after the pressure has disappeared.

-In this period, hair loss may occur due to hormones
however, this is a temporary situation.

- Changes in body temperature. In the body after childbirth
physiological tremors occur due to sudden heat loss
interest. However, a feeling of chills occurs in the mother. These complaints are also a few
time passes.

- Due to the changing hormone balance during the postpartum period,
slowing of bowel movements and constipation may occur. Fibrous Food
By increasing consumption, constipation can be prevented by consuming plenty of fluids.

- Thyroid hormones in postpartum period, after 4 weeks
reinstate Lohusas, autoimmune thyroid risk, which can turn into hypothyroidism
can be under. For this reason, they should not interfere with the doctor's checks.

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