Hemorrhoids after pregnancy

Hemorrhoids after pregnancy

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hemorrhoids; veins of the anus and rectum
inflammation and swelling. Although hemorrhoids are seen more than 50 years pregnant,
occurs in women after giving birth. Shaking, big toilet
swelling of vessels in the rectum and anus during pregnancy
It may occur. These complaints are symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

- Anus
continuous itching around

Excessive pressure on swelling vessels when seated
excessive pain in the anus

Bleeding in the anus during defecation

- Plenty
spicy and spicy foods, hemorrhoid disease triggers.

those who have not experienced hemorrhoidal illness before, these complaints after pregnancy
may occur. Many hemorrhoids in pregnancy and postpartum
There are reasons.

Why Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy?

Hormonal Changes

effect of human hormones on vessels, rectum and anus
may cause swelling of the veins. This triggers hemorrhoids. Hormonal changes
not only hemorrhoids, but also varicose veins in the foot and hand areas.

Uterine Growth

The enlargement and expansion of the uterus increases blood volume and

pressure occurs. Pregnancy as a result of this pressure

in the process
hemorrhoids may also occur. So, in women, pregnancy

varicose veins problems begin. The most common form of varicose veins during pregnancy

And hemorrhoids.


Try not to be. There is no rule that you will be constipated because you are pregnant.

rather than lie down. Thus, excessive pressure on the veins in the rectum

You are. Avoid standing or sitting for a long time.

importantly do not push.

do your exercises regularly. These exercises

balances your circulation in

a warm bath will prevent hemorrhoids.

According to your preference, ice or warm
Apply tea compresses.

Just a few times a day
sit next to you. You can read books in the meantime.

If you're hemorrhoid,
Use suppositories, laxatives and ointments given by your doctor. Mineral oils
stay away.

Perineum (between vagina and breech
region) with care. After each toilet, press the zone from front to back.
Properly clean with warm water. Just take care to use white toilet paper


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