Getting into the form after pregnancy

Getting into the form after pregnancy

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Pregnancy, both the physical and
causes psychological change. Physically, you have your own
In addition to the change of carrying a life from your blood, you can also activate hormones
and unfortunately your balance may be turned upside down. These situations are quite normal.

Pregnant mothers during pregnancy lose weight between 10-12 pounds
They receive. Of course, this figure of the expectant mother, with the weight before pregnancy
is directly proportional. They gain weight slowly for 9 months. Not to forget
because they need to lose weight as soon as possible after giving birth
they want, but they cannot succeed. That could make them unhappy.

40 days after birth, ie 6 weeks
It is called the postpartum period. Occurrence of baby and pregnancy during the postpartum period
wastes are given to be about 6 pounds. Then an expert in the field
With the help of a dietician, a diet program can be implemented.

What should be done?

When implementing the diet program, the mother is very often with her baby.
may not be able to apply every meal. But this is a big problem
It is not. The reason is to lose weight, 9 months and more slowly
a healthy way, both for the mother and for the baby's nutrition.
will be healthy.

The mother should not force herself too much about the form after pregnancy.
There are some situations that need attention in this period. At the beginning of these
Pay attention to the milk comes. How the mother feeds the baby of the same quality
which will adversely affect the quantity and quality of breast milk.
should avoid food. In the meantime, while implementing a diet program, sports
for both body recovery and weight loss.
it will be useful for easy movement.

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