Hemorrhoids in pregnancy

Hemorrhoids in pregnancy

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hemorrhoids occurring in the process or experienced hemorrhoids complaints
proliferation is easier. However, taking precautions during pregnancy,
it is possible to avoid hemorrhoids in your pregnancy.

usually manifests as bleeding during defecation. This bleeding
repeats each time, although short-term. This symptom of bleeding
long lasting pains except for the symptoms of this disease. Hemorrhoids
blood flow slows down as it progresses, and blood clots
leads to clogging of the veins. This in turn increases the pain and treatment
If it is not entered, it will continue.

During Pregnancy
however, hemorrhoids can have serious consequences. Blood loss causing hemorrhoids, iron
It may lead to lack of So how to treat hemorrhoids in the process of pregnancy
methods applicable?

Two methods are used to treat the disease. The first of these is surgery.
removal of hemorrhoids by intervention; Drug therapy
regional cream, suppository or oral tablet
can. What is decisive here is the severity of the symptoms.

When the severity of symptoms in the process increases primarily prefer regional treatment
It is. If the measures to be added to this treatment are added,
success is achieved. If the treatment is not successful from the third month of pregnancy
then the treatment is started via tablets.

intervention is often the last option. This is because after pregnancy
healing of hemorrhoids. Reduce hemorrhoid problems and treat
What measures should we take to achieve success?

We must take care to prevent constipation. Constipation, straining during defecation
It increases the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Fiber as much as possible
diet, drink plenty of water, do not forget to do regular sports and
If necessary, use medication to avoid constipation. constipation
The success of hemorrhoid treatment will not be possible unless you prevent it.

hemorrhoids called breasts, after defecation should push in.
Packets sometimes come out during defecation and remain outside. Such
In these cases, with the help of petroleum jelly slips your finger inside
need to push.

Mostly it does not interfere with normal birth. However, the necessary measures
large and easily bleeding
Hemorrhoids can cause severe pain. So we can treat hemorrhoids
should be started long before birth. Non-obstacle for vaginal delivery
hemorrhoids regress rapidly after birth and enter the healing process.

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