Hair loss after pregnancy

Hair loss after pregnancy

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Pregnant mothers, both psychological and pregnancy
it feels and sees many changes physiologically. Physiological
The basis of the changes experienced as the change in hormone balance
It stems. Pregnant mothers during pregnancy, skin spots, face,
and in some parts of the body
be able to.

Because of the rise of estrogen during pregnancy,
hair usually remains in the growth phase. Consequently, after pregnancy
hair loss, in the period between the first 2-6 months, naturally shedding stage
will now.

After the birth of mothers
may experience excessive hair loss. Although expectant mothers
even though they complain about this, the body re-
It is a natural condition that should be in order to get into order.

The cause of hair loss after birth, pregnancy
estrogen hormone during pregnancy, after birth is reduced to normal levels.
The hormone estrogen helps hair look healthier for 9 months
and allows it to remain in the growth phase by preventing spillage. Birth
and then poured and renewed for 2-6 months. Because of that
This is a temporary and temporary process.

This situation is permanent
is it?

Hair loss after pregnancy is not a permanent condition and
times are recovered. However, the mother's body after pregnancy
physically difficult and troubled. Insomnia, breastfeeding
activities such as providing enough energy loss of the body is forced. One
due to this situation, the mother should not be bloodless
and in any case should be under the control of your doctor. Health problem
Besides, scalp is another factor that plays an important role in hair loss.
The scalp is a great way to repair hair loss after pregnancy.
plays a role. For this reason, daily hair washing and repairing at that time
shampoos should be used.

Shedding hair after birth under normal conditions, 1 year
must return to its original state. But in some cases, mothers spilled
he observes that his hair never takes the form. This is the most important
the reason; not proper nutrition, stress, anemia due to iron deficiency. the market
hair loss prevention products found in this period should not be trusted.

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