Fear even the core

Fear even the core

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Not every abdominal pain appendicitis

Abdominal pain in children is seen for many reasons other than surgical reasons. Diarrhea, constipation, and even inflammation of the middle ear can swell the abdominal lymph nodes and cause abdominal pain. Therefore, not all abdominal pain should be considered appendicitis. The duration and site of onset of pain are diagnostic guidelines, but appendicitis can progress at the initial stage without very typical findings. Recognizing appendicitis in a newly started condition may be troublesome. For this reason, it is very important to keep the child under surveillance for a while in the hospital and to perform the necessary tests.

Infections pose risk for children

Appendicitis can be thought of as tonsils. It is an organ rich in lymphatic system that protects the body against infections. One end is attached to the intestine and the other end is closed. If due to any infection, the lymph tissue becomes thicker and clogged due to swelling, the organ's nutrition is impaired, and when it progresses, the tissue explodes and the inflammation spreads into the abdomen.

More common among school children

In all age groups, appendicitis is the most common condition requiring urgent surgical intervention in children. It is not seen very often in the first years, then gradually increases. Generally, it is more common in the period from school to adolescence. Appendicitis is common among children because they are more susceptible to infections.

Be careful when giving seed foods to young children

Appendicitis has no direct connection to nutrition. However, caution should be exercised when giving seed food to young children. For example, even a simple lemon seed can clog the hole and develop appendicitis. In addition, without the nucleus or other factors, the petrified feces called “faecalite tı which the body makes itself can also block the hole and explode the appendicitis.

What to do in case of appendicitis explosion

Most of the children are often afraid to go to the doctor because they can hide symptoms, but it is not possible to hide appendicitis pain. Especially in a table requiring surgical intervention; the child becomes weak, has difficulty walking, can not feed and vomit. Explosion of appendicitis is a risk, indicating that the disease is progressing further. However, the patient is not lost when it explodes. The hospital should be visited as soon as possible. If the appendicitis has exploded, the appendicitis is removed, the abdomen is washed and antibiotic treatment is given. In such a case, the length of hospital stay will naturally increase.

Children get up in a short time with laparoscopic surgery

Appendicitis surgery is performed in two ways as open and laparoscopic. Which of these will be preferred depends on the age of the child and whether there is an additional disease. In laparoscopic surgery, incisions are made about 1 cm in the abdomen in 3-4 places. In open surgery, it is now possible to perform appendicitis surgery with an incision of approximately 3-4 cm.


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