What are fetal surgery?

What are fetal surgery?

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In the womb, the baby can be
fetal surgery in case of problems and anomalies detected
It called. For the last 25 years, scientific research and
developments continue to increase day by day.

Fetal surgery is performed during pregnancy.
anatomical with harmful effects and threatening life after birth

- In case of twin to twin transfusion syndrome,

-Hidrosefal of



- Heart anomalies,

- Lung problem,

-It is applied in case of congestion in urinary system.

Why is it done?

Made for the baby who continues to develop in the womb
the wound in the baby after surgery, compared to the adult scar,
faster recovery is one of the advantages in this regard. Fetal surgery
method, which period of pregnancy should be done in a clear
no information available. However, any intervention before the 22nd week of pregnancy
If it is; there is a possibility that the baby will fall. From the 30th week of pregnancy
Fetal surgery performed after pregnancy can cause premature labor.

Fetal surgery method, including open and laparoscopic
There are two varieties. Open method, laparoscopic
method has been applied before. In the open method, the abdomen
The uterus is reached by incision. After the discovery of the uterus fetus, out of the uterus
Taken. After surgery, the amniotic membrane of the uterus and pregnancy is re-sutured and

Laparoscopic method into the uterus less than about 5mm
the holes are reached with the help of thin tools. With this method, open surgery
the risk of falling body temperature in the fetus is less than in the fetus. This
method, as the open method to the uterus because the large incision is not made early
the risk of birth is also low.

One of the risks of fetal surgery is early
It is born. One of the risks that may be encountered in this method is the uterus
rupture and leakage of amniotic fluid out of the uterus

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