When is the baby's sex certain during pregnancy?

When is the baby's sex certain during pregnancy?

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During pregnancy, both mother and father
a great excitement and a slow start
This is the period. The sex of the baby is the most curious situation. Actually
your baby's sex is genetically determined from the moment you are pregnant
is a case. But to find out the sex of your baby
must be checked.

With the ultrasound control you can learn the sex of the baby
the fetus in your abdomen to a certain size and a certain developmental process.
must pass. This period is determined as the 3rd month. So 13 weeks
you can then see your baby's gender more clearly.

In rare cases, your baby's sex doctor and you
It may mislead. However, there is no situation to be feared and after 1 month
can clearly identify. This is usually the case
occurs when you can't see your penis. Misconception in girls' babies
It is high.

Ultrasound control outside the mother's belly during pregnancy
amniotic water or cord biopsy, cordocentesis
You can find out the sex of your baby. These methods chromosomal investigations
the sex of the baby you expect with excitement
is determined. Female (XX) or male (XY) chromosomal examination
whether the structure is determined.

These two forms of gender learning that you can learn in hospital
as well as your baby's gender with gender determination tests at home as well.
You can learn. Accuracy of 80% of home tests
It has been identified. However, these tests have some drawbacks.
not recommended and prohibited in certain countries.

In addition to testing, many years of examination and
Depending on the studies, the mother's body type
sex can be estimated.

For male babies;

-Mother's stomach is pointed.

-Blackening of the nipples

- If the mother is suffering salty or sour foods

- If the expectant mother becomes more beautiful during pregnancy

- If the mother's nose grows and expands

For baby girls;

- If you gain weight from the hips and basin area

- If the left breast is larger than the right breast

- If the mother has a ball-shaped belly

- If the mother's candidate suffers from sweet food

- If the expectant mother becomes ugly during pregnancy

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