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Your Baby's Response to Sounds is Very Important!

Your Baby's Response to Sounds is Very Important!

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Hearing loss in newborn babies should be diagnosed early to avoid negative consequences. Training Specialist Ayşenur Küçük Ceyhan from Yeditepe University Hospital Bağdat Street Polyclinic, “Parents should carefully observe babies' reactions to sounds,” he says.

It is often unclear whether the baby has hearing loss. Lower than a baby hearing loud sounds sounds he can escape the attention of his parents. Yeditepe University Hospital Bağdat Street Polyclinic Specialist Training Audiologist Ayşenur Küçük Ceyhan explains how the baby's hearing loss is understood as follows:

“A 3-month-old baby reacts to speech-loud sounds, especially his mother's voice, and wakes up in the noise. The 6-month-old baby looks in the direction of sound. A 9-month-old baby returns when the name is mentioned. At age 1, he listens to conversations, understands simple commands, has at least one or two words he speaks. Of course, careful observation is very important at this point. For us, the reaction from families is not the first criterion, but it can be considered as a clue. Based on these tips, we can understand hearing loss very clearly. Already as soon as the baby is born in hospitals hearing test. ”

Ceyhan emphasized that if the child's hearing loss is not noticed in the early period, the child cannot speak normally after a certain age. “The child starts to speak by imitating the sounds he hears. If he doesn't hear voices, he can't talk when he's in the speaking age. When hearing loss occurs later, adults complete the sounds based on their past knowledge, although they may not hear certain sounds. But the kid can't do that, he needs to hear the words. In addition, when the child has some degree of hearing loss, speech errors may occur. Therefore, hearing loss should be caught and treated early. If such a problem is suspected, a physician should be consulted. There may be children who need to wear a hearing aid; it may need to be identified,. he says.

The child's behavior may also be impaired

Ayşenur Küçük Ceyhan, Specialist Training Audiologist, stating that the cause is identified in children who come with hearing loss complaint, explains the reasons as follows:

Az Hearing impairment may be due to middle ear infections. At that time, the child may not look back at the sounds he used to react to; If the infection is treated, the problem will disappear. Inflammation of the middle ear does not cause severe hearing loss, but is a problem if it recurs frequently. We also encounter cases that one ear has not heard. In this case, the child cannot distinguish where the sound comes from. Especially crowded environments create problems for these children. Hearing loss may also be related to a congenital or subsequent illness. There are multiple or slow developing hearing losses. Gradually it is not understood from the beginning. If the child has such a problem, he becomes distracted, especially in noisy environments. Children who go to school cannot follow their teacher, they cannot understand what their friends are saying. For this reason, parents should also bear in mind that hearing loss may occur in situations such as low school success and incompatibility with their friends. In such cases, there may be behavioral problems in children and psychiatric support may be required. ”

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