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Accidents & injuries in children and infants

Accidents & injuries in children and infants

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Accidents and injuries, in spite of how conscious and careful parents and caregivers are, are inevitable. For this reason, everyone who is closely involved in the care of the parents and the baby should be aware of accident prevention and emergency action. It may be too late to expect this to happen to you in case of an emergency. Before the problem arises, you should at least know what to do with simple and common injuries.
In this article, the most common injuries at every age and the ways of protection, the most common injuries and the first intervention methods and when to seek medical help will be discussed.


• Car Accidents: Use a special car seat until the child is 3 years old; Special seat and seat belt is used after 3 years of age.
• Bed injuries: Make sure the baby bed has protective features; do not use the pillow (especially the soft pillow!); avoid tilting.
• Burns: Do not keep hot drinks in your hands, especially when your baby is on your lap or close, and check the temperature of the baby's bath water well.

• Falling: Put obstacles for children on stairs and doors; Install louver and lock on the windows.
• Ingestion of foreign bodies: Check that the toys have small parts that can be detached; places metal coin, button, nails etc. Do not leave things.
• Electric shock: Put plastic covers on the sockets.
• Pika (Remember eating soil and paint): Remember that wall or ceiling paints may contain lead and prevent your child from eating them.
• Bed injury (Falls): 55cm. or higher.

12-24 MONTHS
• Burns: Place hot drinks away from the table edge; use stove protectors if possible; place matches out of the reach of children.
• Eating and Drinking: Lock medicines, cleaning agents and chemicals out of reach; Have ipeka syrup and the phone number of the poisoning center at home.
• Car Accidents: Buy toys suitable for children (Children of this age cannot fully control two-wheeled bikes, skateboards or even some 3-wheeled bikes).

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