Dental health and care in children

Dental health and care in children

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Dental care education starts from childhood. Measures taken at an early age ensure our teeth to last longer. Oral and Dental Health Specialist from Anadolu Medical Center Özge Sönmez gives parents information about the points that children should pay attention to dental health.

Milk teeth begin to emerge from the 6th month of infancy and are completed until the age of 3. Children have 20 milk teeth. Milk teeth should be cleaned by parents during infancy, and then children should be given the habit of brushing teeth. Healthy teeth are as important as permanent teeth. Failure to treat the decay caused by the decay of milk teeth may cause premature loss of these teeth. This can lead to the disruption of the permanent teeth and the need for orthodontic treatment. Inflammation that may occur at the root tip of the milk teeth that are left untreated for a long time may affect the general health of the child and may damage the permanent tooth under the milk tooth.

To minimize tooth decay in children, the following can be recommended:

• Children should have the habit of brushing teeth twice a day.
• Excess sugar consumption should be prevented, sugary foods should be given immediately after meals, not between meals.
• In particular, the spout or bottle of sugar, honey, and jam should not be immersed in food, night sleep in the bottle given milk, honey, sugar should not be placed.

One of the preventive dentistry methods to prevent the formation of caries is the application of Fissure Sealant. The fissure sealant is usually applied to permanent molars starting from the age of 6 and then to molars that last. There should be no filling or caries in the tooth to be made as a fissure sealant.

Another method is the application of topical fluoride. Fluoride is a substance that increases resistance to caries. The application of surface fluoride is more effective than systemic use.

Apart from these, an important point is to take the child to the dentist from an early age so that he / she knows the environment and is not afraid of the dentist.

Regular visits to the dentist is an important condition for having healthy teeth.

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