Travel advice with your child

Travel advice with your child

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Maybe you are planning to go on a journey for your business or for a holiday and you want to include your young child on this journey, but you have concerns about it. Because you don't know how to travel with a child, especially a small child, and what to watch out for during this journey! No worries, read this article and be prepared for a pleasant journey with your child 🙂

What can you do?

• Keep in mind that if your journey will be a long-term journey, your child will suffocate and need to move. Therefore, take long breaks at regular intervals (such as 2 hours…) to allow your child to meet certain needs and move. If you are going on a journey that you need to complete without frequent breaks, especially if you prefer evening or even night trips, your child will be able to tolerate the long-term journey without a break for the future of sleep.

• Pastel crayons and an unused calendar will help your child to have a pleasant time during the journey and support your child's creativity. The most important thing to note is that sharpened pens or scissors are not near the child during the journey, as these materials can have dangerous consequences in a sudden situation.

• Use of foodstuffs such as sugar and chewing gum during the journey to keep the child entertained may pose certain hazards. For example, falling asleep with chewing gum in your mouth… You should be careful and follow your child when using these substances consumed to relieve and relieve the increased pressure in his ears, especially on air travel.

• Pay attention to the clothes your child will wear in the car, avoid using clothes that squeeze, sweat, itch; cotton, plenty of and make sure to choose comfortable clothes. While your child does not need to be stylish during the journey, you should always have spare clothes with you against any mishaps.

• If your child continues to wear diapers, do not forget to take extra diapers with you.

• You can buy books or tapes that tell your child stories and stories that he has not listened to before. While listening to these stories and tales, your child will enjoy and feel more comfortable. It will also be easier to fall asleep by listening to fairy tale tapes.

• Make sure that your child buys song tapes, because their favorite activity is singing and listening. If you are traveling in your own car, you can sing with your child and help your child to have fun as well as to discharge energy.

• Always have one or several toys with your child so that they can play during the journey. If the toy you take on a journey is a toy that your child doesn't use often, your child will have the chance to discover this toy that he didn't use often before, and a toy he used to play can squeeze him.

• If you are traveling by public transport such as airplanes, buses, trains or ships, have a small blanket with you. Sometimes your child can get bored from the seat, in which case by laying this blanket in the hallway, you can give your child more room to spend time.

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