Ways to make children love eggs

Ways to make children love eggs

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Eggs are one of the foods that are consumed by children and loved by them. Dietitian Pınar Akkuzu this week he tells the children how to make the eggs love.

No problem for parents who love eggs. However, the situation is different for mothers and fathers of children who resist resisting egg consumption. Because the child who does not like the egg, is deprived of the food closest to breast milk.

As you know, the benefits of breast milk do not stop counting. Many campaigns are organized so that babies can get enough breast milk and governments are developing national and international projects. The beginning of healthy generations always passes through breast milk. The importance of the egg begins at this point. The only and closest imitation of breastmilk, which is the only food that cannot be imitated, is actually a natural food that is quite cheap and easily accessible. I mean eggs.

Then it is the duty of the parents to tell the egg for the children who do not like eggs. Here are a few facts that can be told to your children:

¨ The proteins in it are what our bodies cannot do. That's what we have to take with food. I talked about the importance of explaining the role of protein in growth and development, and the way in which you can describe cheese.
¨ Thanks to the vitamins it contains (mainly vitamins A, D, E and B), the bones and teeth develop properly, the health of the bones, wounds for the eyes and eyesight. all these benefits are features that you can tell by influencing your child.
¨ It protects the immune system in order to protect against diseases with the minerals it contains, especially iron and zinc, and also positively affects their learning capacity thanks to iron. This helps your child to love the egg by telling him that it is necessary for his success at school.
After chatting about the egg, your child's egg consumption can be like the small recipes can be like.

Cream egg
Mix the boiled egg yolk, feta cheese and very little butter with a fork. You can throw a small amount of turkey or chicken salami into it. You can provide a different egg recipe. But the egg is consumed with white, of course, much healthier.

Stuffed tomatoes with eggs

Play as all tomatoes stuffed inside and pour very light oil into them. Break an egg into the tomato you have carved to make stuffing. Cook for 20 minutes in a lightly greased oven by adding a little salt.

Baked egg with mushrooms

After cooking lightly in oil, milk and mushroom in a pan, break the egg into the mixture. After breaking the egg, bake the mixture for twenty minutes.

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