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If your child is lying!

If your child is lying!

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You've detected that your child is lying. And not a few times ne So when should you worry as a parent? The answer to this question Psychologist Eda Gökduman Giving.

The first reaction of the parents who detected that their child was lying; and to warn the child that there is an incorrect behavior. This warning is usually sharp and hard. Although lying is wrong, it is necessary to consider the age and development of the child. Psychologist Eda Gökduman says: m The evaluation of a lie as a normal process is about 7 years old. With this age, the child begins to gain a sense of reality. What a lie really is and how it can be used for purposes can be evaluated. The lies before the age of 7 should be treated more understanding and calm towards the child, the correct behavior should be told. The reasons that lead to lies should be identified, new decisions must be taken together, the presence of repetition should be followed without realizing and the same patience should be shown in repetitive behaviors. ”

Children's imagination is wide

Imagination is quite high in children. It has unlimited power; lies can use skillfully. When he encounters something he doesn't want, he can exaggerate as if it were real. This is common in kindergarten. Eda Gökduman gives the following example: ılan A child who is bored with the rules of the teacher in the school may say that the teacher did not give him food or even hit him. In these cases, instead of hiding, you should share this with the teacher and create a common behavior. When his lie is revealed, you should not be angry with him and talk to him about the right behavior. Children are very happy to draw attention to you. To achieve this, he can consciously produce lies. For example; you may encounter a child hiding important items at home to attract the attention of his parents. ”

It is very important to be the right model for the child about lies. It is an expected result that a child who sees his parents lying is expected to show this behavior. Even pink lies should be paid attention. Parental attitudes including oppression and authority, constant criticism and perfectionism can also lead the child to lie. This lie is a behavior that is intended only to take the shape you want.

Toys are very important for preschool children. Although the behavior of taking someone else's toy is known to be a false behavior, sometimes unaware of these toys - taking behavior can be seen. When you encounter this behavior, you should not be angry, punish, deliver the toy to your friend and make the necessary explanation. Sometimes a child who does not have a father can speak as if he has a father. This is about the child's longing. The child should be assisted for these feelings and the necessary explanations should be made in an age-appropriate manner.

This behavior of a child who constantly and deliberately lies can be a symptom of illness. Behaviors such as escaping from school and theft can also be added to this process. This is a behavior disorder and requires expert support.

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