The mother's 9-month life (6 months)

The mother's 9-month life (6 months)

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The sixth month is usually the best period of pregnancy. In this period, you feel better and fit.

What's going on:
• Baby movements become more pronounced.
• White vaginal discharge continues.
• Constipation and stomach complaints may continue.
• Swelling may increase due to water, feet and hands.
• Itching may occur due to tension in the abdomen.
• Overweight in your upper body depends on water retention during pregnancy, it is not permanent.
• You may be more sensitive to heat and sweating more accordingly. You should drink plenty of water and avoid unnatural drinks.
• The dark area around your nipples becomes more pronounced.

What to do:
• Rest your feet high at every turn.
Relaxation and breathing exercises are particularly useful.

Weight Increase in the Second Quarter:
Total weight is between 5-7 pounds. This is between 50% and 60% of the weight taken during pregnancy.

N What awaits you while you wait for your baby ” from the book.

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