Snow does not kill germs in the air

Snow does not kill germs in the air

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Explain the belief that snowfall will kill germs and eating snow will increase the resistance of the immune system. Dr. Clover Plate; The decrease in air temperature with snow, some microbes restrict their habitats, but that does not mean that all microbes disappear.

Does Not Kill Cold Microbes

Ak Contrary to what is claimed, it does not break the cold germ. Studies have shown that cold and dry air prolongs the life span of the influenza virus and stays longer in the air. Along with snow and cold weather, the most favorable weather conditions for the spread of the influenza virus have been established. Y Yonca Tabak; cold air weakens our immune system, cautions that we need to be careful against diseases.

Don't be fooled by the color!

Yonca Tabak, who touches on the idea that the defeat of the falling abdomen increases the resistance of the immune system, states that the abdomen in big cities is not as clean as the white color. Air pollution, wastes and many other factors are combined with falling snow. Eating snow means that you knowingly take germs into your body.

Wear One Floor Instead of One Floor
Particular attention should be paid to the clothes we wear in cold weather Tabak, a few layers of clothing on top of each other, because of the passage of air between the layers of clothing may be healthier than a thick coat says.

Woolen clothes, especially in people with asthma, sweating can trigger allergies, indicating that the plate, woolen fabrics should be used on a cotton fabric, he says. Wherever possible, cotton fabrics are preferred over polyester and nylon blended fabrics that may cause perspiration.

Strengthen Your Immune Site;

Stating that the immune system, which weakens with cold and snow, should be strengthened especially in winter, Tabak lists the things to be considered during the winter;

Vitamin D

In the winter months when there is not enough sun, vitamin D synthesis is insufficient in the skin and infections are more difficult to overcome in the absence. Vitamin D is essential for the immune system. Therefore, vitamin D supplementation is a must in winter.

Omega 3

Another agent that increases resistance to infection is omega 3 fatty acids. This substance, which is abundant in fish and fish oil, is given as a support to children during the winter months and strengthens the desire for immunity.


Nutrition is very important for the immune system. Plenty of fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish, red meat and cereal rich nutrition increases the level of antioxidants for better winter.


Considering that water is the best expectorant, it is also important to encourage children to consume water instead of fruit juice.

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