What is Endometriosis?

What is Endometriosis?

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Endometriosis is defined as the presence of endometrial tissue (intrauterine tissue) outside the uterus. The most common sites are ovaries, tubes, membranes, bladder, bowel surfaces. Estrogen hormone increases endometriosis. There is no definite theory about the occurrence of the disease.

The risk of developing the disease increases 7-fold in first-degree relatives with endometriosis.For example: the risk of 7.2% increase in the mother and sisters and 70% of the identical twins. Changes in the immune system in cases of endometriosis have been recorded. Painful menstruation, pain in sexual intercourse, the feeling of pain in the uterus and the surrounding environment is suspected.

If endometriosis is enclosed in the ovaries, it can cause infertility by preventing the egg from being caught by the tubes, causing infertility by destroying the quality of the egg. They are called and easily recognized by transvaginal ultrasound. Lesions tend to grow in the first 3 months during pregnancy.

Treatment is either surgical or drug therapy, depending on the extent and localization of the disease. Sometimes drug treatment is combined before and / or after surgery. Estrogen enhances endometriosis. Drug treatment options are used to overcome this hormone.

One of these is contraceptives. Treatment is continued for 6-12 months. Progesterone-containing pills and 3-month needles can be used. Danazol, aromatase inhibitors, gonadotropin releasing hormones are other drugs used.

The aim of surgical treatment is to eliminate endometriotic lesions as much as possible and more importantly to treat pain and infertility. Surgical treatment is mostly performed by laparoscopy. In advanced age cases that do not want to give birth to the uterus and attachments are more radical solution. Surgical treatment is not superior to drug treatment in patients with minimal and moderate endometriosis.

The disease tends to recur 5-20% for each year and 40% for 5 years later.

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