Children's kindergarten years and sports

Children's kindergarten years and sports

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Doing sports is one of the most important requirements of a healthy life. When we do not do sports, we are more likely to encounter both physical and psychological problems. Research on doing sports reveals that many people do not do sports routinely. This shows that most people still do not see doing sports as a part of their lives;

Doing sports in a routine way brings many positive factors to our lives, so we should acquire this habit as soon as possible and place it in an important part of our lives. Although many people believe that the necessity of doing sports today is hard to make it routine, they are not quite unfair, Because these types of habits can not be very successful in later periods unless they are acquired at an early age.

What can you do?
• Never create a competition environment while your child is doing sports, because failure in the competition environment may cause him / her to not play sports and cannot be confident.
• Provide opportunities for your child to do sports, such as taking them to the park, sending them to any course…
• When choosing a playground, make sure that you choose the environment that contains materials and equipment appropriate to your child's physical characteristics.
• Your child should not force him / her to do sports, he may get tired or give up when he / she is forced to do so.
? Be aware of your child's health conditions, some activities may push your child's physical possibilities, at this point, the sport is no longer a healthy activity for him, and it becomes very dangerous. the application.
You can do an activity together to spend more time with your child. The most important thing to remember when you are doing activity together is its fact that you are a child and you are an adult!
When you want to do activities together, make sure that your child really wants this activity.
If you have decided to send your child to a course, note how close the course and the teacher on the course are to your child.

All mothers and fathers want their children to be successful in their activities and strive for them to succeed. However, sometimes these efforts can become ambition and become ambition. At this point, children leave the useful and fun part of the sport behind and undergo both physical and psychological difficulties. it brings the greatest dangers that may occur.

As parents, you should support and never force your children while instilling the habit of doing sports to your children. The aim of doing sports is never to compete and win.

In kindergarten years, children complete the basic parts of their physical development, so any disruptions that may occur in these parts can affect the child's further development. When choosing activities for your child, you should choose activities that are appropriate for your child's development. There are different goals of doing sports in children of this age, if the activity you have chosen is correct, you have identified themJJ What are these goals?

Aims of doing sports in kindergarten years:
To raise awareness about the body of the child
To ensure balance
• Balancing weight in different parts of the body
Provide flexibility
• To make arm movements such as holding, throwing, catching
? Running, jumping, jumping, bouncing, such as making leg movements
? Make it move with any object (jump rope, play ball…)
Improve circulatory and respiratory systems
? Develop large and small motor capabilities
To make the muscles strong and durable

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