Taking Your Children to Work

Taking Your Children to Work

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You may also have to bring your child to your office on a day when the motto “I'll make a child or a career itir has lost its meaning and intersects with your child's career paths. Of course, this is a joke ... But it is a fact of today's society. Because while most parents continue to work and look after their children, sometimes things may not go as planned and they may have to carry out their children's work. If you are one of these parents, we have thought about what you should and should not do in such situations and we have compiled for you. It's going to be a tough day, so let's just say it's easy now.

What you can do…

- Be sure to tell your colleagues and boss beforehand. Maybe it won't be easy to tell your boss, but at least make sure to let your colleagues know that they share the same office with you (for example, you can send an email to everyone the day before). In case of unscheduled cases, you can call the phone.

-Let your child bring his favorite toy and coloring pencils to your office. But the truth is that once your child comes to your office, he will start to wonder about the things there, and he will want to mix them up and play with them. To prevent this, you can avoid this curiosity by sharing some of your office supplies with your child (for example, giving him blank envelopes, small note papers, seals, paper clips, stamps, etc., which are close to running out of ink). This will protect both your office items and your friends' office items from a potential hazard.

-When your child comes to your office, he will be curious and want to visit. Tell him that you've got what you want to walk around and promise that you will walk him in your office when the time comes, and of course fulfill your promise when the time comes. For example, lunch can be a good time for this office trip, because your friends will have a break from work and take a lunch break so the office will be both quieter and more comfortable.

What You Shouldn't Do…

- If you have a very important meeting in your office on the day you bring your child to your office, try to find another solution for that day. Because your boss may be very nervous that day and may not allow such a situation. In addition, your boss and colleagues on such days to show that the office is working as professional as possible if you want to prevent your child by taking your child there as well as your boss and colleagues may encounter negative reaction.

- After bringing your child to work, do not ask your colleagues to look after him. Remember, your friends come to work there and they all have work to do.

- Do not allow your child to use office supplies, especially office equipment. Your child may cause them to malfunction or be misused, so you may also have to deal with problems you don't have in mind.

-Don't bring your child to your office for too long. Keep in mind that if your child stays in your office for long hours, they will get bored and annoy you!

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