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Did your child enter the alienation period?

Did your child enter the alienation period?

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Doesn't your baby, who has ever been smiling at everyone, ever face anyone? What does this behavior, defined as arasında alienation arasında among the people, actually mean? How can you help your child during this period? To find out the answer to this question, just click on our article!

His grandfather loves Alper very much and does everything to pamper him and win his love. However, Ilker, who is only 7 months old, does not somehow go into his lap. Yet his grandfather is so excited that he will love his grandson that he has not seen for a week. Alper is determined not to get off his mother's lap. Yes, little Alper's behavior shows that he's in a period of alienation. The baby reacts negatively to strangers or uncommon persons. 'Alienation' " It said.

A natural reaction to fear

Baby against people exotic Standards Very normal reaction of commencement. This shows that your baby distinguishes the people he's used to from other people. The alienation period is usually seen in children between 6 months and 2 years. How long and severe this time will depend on your baby.

Although families know that young children react to people other than their parents, they may be surprised, uneasy and mistaken for such a situation. But alienation is a natural and skillful process.

Out of sight, out of heart!

Up to the 6th month, the baby lives on the principle of uzak out of sight and unconscious ırak. For example; When you remove a colorful vase that attracts the baby's attention from where he can see it, he loses his interest in it. After the 6th month, the baby learns that those who are out of sight still exist. The baby is starting to miss his parents now. This is a big step for the baby. From the 7th to 8th months, babies also experience physical changes. His bones are getting stronger and his muscles are developing. So they start to move and crawl more. With crawling, the desire to explore increases. The urge for mobility and discovery can endanger the baby. Therefore, the alienation period is a very necessary process for the safety of the child. Thanks to this period, the baby does not move away from her mother and does not endanger her.

Alienation period

In this period, the baby is startled from new experiences and takes refuge in his parents. The relationship between the baby and the parent is like a long tire. The longer the tire, the sooner the baby runs into the safe arms of his parents. Even when he walks away from his parents, he keeps an eye on them. He wants to get approval from them for whether he is right or not. Parents, when he smiles at the inside of this alienation period seen in babies how intense will depend on some factors. The personality of the baby, the lifestyle of the family and the attitude of the parents towards the child are very effective in guiding this period.

In the period of alienation other than parents, a child should be treated with caution. It is quite wrong to go on a child in such a period and to force him into his arms. In the process, they want to adjust the tempo themselves and calmly watch the person trying to approach. The boy wants to know in advance who will go for his lap. Forcing her to do so can make her cool, or even fear.

Recommendations to parents….
Your baby is less stranger in his own house. Therefore, you should not keep her away from home.
Be careful not to leave him alone. Your baby does not alienate other people too much because he feels safe when you are on your lap. However, when he is alone, the fear of entering someone in the room raises his fear.
To gain trust, your parents or friends can try to approach it with a toy. Rather than a new toy, a toy belonging to it can give better results.
Realizing that you are treating your guests well, your baby can decide that they are good people and overcome their fear.

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