Fathers and their relations with their babies

Fathers and their relations with their babies

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In a survey conducted in the United States of 28 thousand people consisting of parents, several questions were asked to couples with new babies. Almost all of the new mothers admitted that their wives were no longer the number one for them. According to the same survey results, fathers feel disconnected and excluded from the relationship compared to the mother-baby bond. The e-mails we receive also show that this situation is not very different in our country. We are aware of the existence of countless fathers who say, “I need attention! De As a result, the fact that the new guest of the house leads to the exclusion of fathers is, in most cases, unquestionable. By listening to this and similar surprising results, we may be a little more prepared for what will happen. Mom, who does she love most? Before your baby came home, maybe you would hug each other and watch television. Perhaps you would cook your favorite dinner for the evening and wait for your wife to come. Maybe you would text a lot of times during the day, every time you spoke on the phone, you couldn't wait to meet at home in the evening. But now he thinks he's lucky even if he gets a good night's sleep kiss before he goes to sleep that night. In fact, he is completely right. Now you have to devote almost all of your time and energy to the new manager of the house, and every moment you can share with your spouse should be within the range allowed by you, if you can still stand. What's more, fathers are aware of these challenging conditions and have been a little jealous since your baby came home. Here are a few new father growl: “All the kisses, hugs take the baby”, “The baby's needs are constantly being considered. My wife no longer asks what my needs might be. Ne What does the research show? The surveys and surveys show that fathers are right in all their comments. Especially mothers who have recently had a baby, the most emotionally connected people in their lives as "babies" define. However, when the same question is asked to fathers who have new babies, more than two-thirds of men describe the most emotionally dependent person as their wives. It seems that the emotional positions and preferences of women change from the moment they become mothers. The only sentence of one of our readers who just had a baby proves this bitter truth: kadın The woman I love, the woman I love has gone, someone else has come… anket The surveys support this view; 90 percent of women say that after having a baby, they become completely different from the person they were before the birth. You've heard many mothers say, “I'm planning everything for my baby now, her health and well-being are more important than anything.. However, this situation is natural and beneficial to the health of infants (unless it exceeds a certain level), the fathers need to be informed early and prepared in various ways. Facts to be prepared… Abandonment ası More than 60 percent of men state that after the birth of their wives, they do not love and care as much as before. 42 percent of the group stated that they understood this and accepted it naturally, while 44 percent of the group stated that they felt angry, jealous, sad and abandoned. Taking care of a newborn baby, taking care of it and learning it is an extremely difficult and tiring task. In this process, it is extremely difficult to be able to take into account the needs of the relationship and the other people, and even to talk about these needs. In the face of this situation, it is very natural for fathers who have just begun to hold their baby in their arms and feel excluded. Because the change is very large. Although 80 percent of the men surveyed stated that it is natural for a mother to give priority to her baby, many fathers from the same group feel unhappy. This has nothing to do with selfishness or lack of understanding. Couples preparing themselves for change, being able to talk about the details that may change in their lives, and even being informed by other parents about the negative aspects of having a baby in relation to the relationship will prevent the fathers who feel like guests in the house. Although the majority of the mothers and fathers who participated in the survey stated that their relationship improved further after the birth of their babies, 23 percent of the mothers and 17 percent of the fathers who stated that the relationship with their spouses changed after the birth of their babies and that a significant distance developed between them. . According to women, the demands of their husbands have increased after their babies come to life, and half of the new mothers surveyed say that this change in their husbands tired, angered and made them feel inadequate. Reflection of these changes Yaş All reflections darken the bedroom 50 50 percent of the men surveyed state that their spouses do not desire them sexually immediately after birth. “There is no sexual rapprochement between us anymore oran, the rate of the respondents is around 40 percent; however, the majority of both men and women explain this situation with extreme fatigue. The rest of the women say that they are not attractive because of the weight they gain, but it is obvious that men do not think that way. All the news is not bad… Babies sleep through the night and the libidos rise again. This is the only truth that will happen after a while… You can be sure that everything will not be as it used to be, but no one can tell you it will not be beautiful… In addition, no matter how jealous your wife was at the beginning, this jealousy leaves its place to serenity and love after a while.

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