Speaking skills in preschool period

Speaking skills in preschool period

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The most effective way of communication between people is to talk. In fact, although speech seems like a natural process, it is an extremely complex process. The path from the first voices to the first sentences is quite exciting for both the child and the families. So how do children's speaking skills take shape in the preschool period? Let's take a look at these developments…

Speaking skills between 2-3 years yaş
During this period, language develops rapidly. Although the order of words is wrong or different from what you want to say, children can now make simple sentences. For example, a child pointing to a dog outside might say bak look at the dog ”. In time, children who have the ability to play these words like a riddle begin to create their own self-confidence. In doing so, they begin to use some grammar rules. When they reach the age of three, even if they experience confusion, they can partially distinguish the concept of time and begin to understand the pronouns. In this period, iç why ”questions increase. This is both an indication of curiosity and a desire to be taken care of.

4 years of speaking skills…
At this age, children begin to give orders to their friends. Gel Come here ”, bırak leave it” en In doing so, they mimic adults on the one hand and test their own position.

5 years of speaking skills…
In this period, the child's vocabulary expands and makes more meaningful sentences.

How can you help?
- you can repeat the sounds
- you can talk face to face
- you can ask questions
- You can read the book
- you should listen to what they say.
- you should try to speak properly
- you should not often correct speech errors

Problems in speaking process…

Late speech:
Late speech is not a problem that will be immediately uneasy. Each child's speaking skills can develop at different speeds. The late speech of the child may be due to many reasons.

1. Children with siblings may react to the lack of care
2 boys start talking slower than girls
3 families may have two languages

Some words may not be fluent, they should not be impatient during this period and the child should not be pressured.

Slang words:
Children soon learn that these words should not be used, but things that are forbidden attract them and use them. Be careful not to use it at home and react to it every time you use these words.

The stutter:
Stuttering is often seen at this age because the child cannot express himself well and repeat the same words. You should be patient, not transfer your concern to the child. You can get help from an expert.

Hearing problem:
The child's speech problem may be due to hearing problems, you should take immediate action and start working with a specialist.

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