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What to do if children have a tendency to behave like a baby?

What to do if children have a tendency to behave like a baby?

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Infantile Behavior in Children

When my daughter / son thinks he's grown up, is the baby-like behavior back? Don't worry, you're not alone. Families often encounter this problem. So what to do? Sinem Olcay Kademci, an expert psychologist / pedagogue from Istanbul Parenting Class, answers the question.

Bazı Some of the habits we think children have already left behind can come back for different reasons this time. What “infant” behavior of children can be a sign of danger? What situations can lead to this reversal? Iniz You should listen to Sinem Olcay Kademci, an expert psychologist / pedagogue from Istanbul Parenting Class.

Some of the behaviors we think children have already exceeded, especially re-emergence in times of stress and strain. This is a kind of defense mechanism used by the child to cope with the difficulty and rebalance and is defined as regression.

The Most Common Regression Behavior in Children

  • don't talk like a baby
  • sucking his thumb
  • start gnawing the edge of the blanket
  • Re-bottom wetting
  • Re-attachment of something that has already learned that “no”
  • adhere to the mother
  • start crying again in the parent's daily routine


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What should I do if my child is acting like a baby?

When your child develops such infantile behaviors that he has not been doing for a long time, try to discover what is changing in your child's life at that time and how they are experiencing difficulties. Birth of brother, death of grandmother loss in the family, starting kindergarten, having a chronic illness or a period of time. hospitalization and even relocation Such situations may cause young children to experience severe difficulties and return behaviorally.

When you try to understand the reversal of your child's behavior, you will see that there is an important reason, as mentioned here. You should not force your child to recover during this period. Stress and stress are times when we need to avoid trying to develop the child socially or mentally. Let your child guide you during this period. If he wants to be treated like a baby, do so. More hugging, hugs, contact may be needed. In addition, during these periods, you should avoid particularly repressive behavior, such as forcing the child to eat or waiting for them to meet the limits you have previously established.

Your child's re-emergence of addiction or backward behavior may be of concern to you, but struggling to correct them will make things worse. Remember that you will have enough time for your child to learn the right behavior after the stress and strain.

Do you think your child is acting like a baby? You can help other mothers to share your experiences in comments. You can also send your questions to our experts from our Question and Answer page.

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